“Foolish Love” Is Regal Entertainment’s Pre-Valentine Rom-Com To Date


“Foolish Love” is the opening movie salvo of Regal Entertainment Inc for 2017.  The first romantic comedy movie of the year! Starring Angeline Quinto, Jake Cuenca, Miho Nishida, Tommy Esguerra, Cai Cortez, Jerald Napoles and Beverly Salviejo and it is directed by Joel Lamangan, DGPI.

Jake Cuenca and Angeline Quinto rekindle the flame of an aborted romance in “Foolish Love”. No wonder, they went all out in their kissing and love scenes, unmindful of other people’s presence on the set while shooting the Joel Lamangan film.

Though quite at first, Angeline shedall inhibition and threw all cautions to the wind to give justice to her and Jake’s steamy lovemaking scenes in the movie.

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In “Foolish Love”, Angeline plays a character obsessed to meet the guy in her dreams but eventually realizes in the end that Jake is not the man in her dreams.

We’ll be able to see  a differentAngeline Quinto in the movie. She has evolved into a daring performer who met the demands of her character with not much reservations.

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As expected, Jake showed undying passion for his craft once more. He didn’t mind getting soaked in the rain while waiting for Anheline in one scene. For that display of dedication to finish one of “Foolish Love” highlights, Jake earned nothing but good words for Direk Joel.

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In Angeline’s case, the director hasnothing but admiration for her growth as an actress. Direk Joel first handled Angeline in the Regal rom-com “That Thing Called Tanga Na”.

Aside from Jake and Angeline, “Foolish Love” also stars the loveteam of real-life couple Miho Nishida at Tommy Esguerra.

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A new concept, credible cast and fresh faces. These make up “Foolish Love”, a film that is sure to win the hearts of millennial and regular audiences.

Non-stop love and romance explode on fhe big screen starting January 25 in cinemas nationwide!

Watch the full trailer of “Foolish Love” on the offical YouTube channrl of Regal Films and on their official Facebook page @regalentertainmentinc. Follow their Twitter @regalfilms, Instagram @regalfilms50 for more updates about the film.

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