Out of The Closet: Working Beks is more than just a Queer movie


It’s Raining Gays!

Comic over Drama. Secrets versus Truth.   Name it, this latest Viva offering has them.

Steamy off-the-record  tell-tales of reel-to-real life gayness is what made up the latest Presscon of #WorkingBeks  at the production’s studio in Q.C. With naughty blind items from known showbiz paparazzis of “whose who in the biz”.   The  whole room was painted with pink.


The Casts Before the Writer’s lenses (minus Joey Paras & Director Chris)


The Manly Queer behind the Suite 

3 true-to life gays (the younger one just ‘came out’),  and  2 straight men have merge  together to complete the powerful roster of this timely and highly-amusing film.


TJ Trinidad (as Tommy)

While his queerness has been an open book among his personal friends, TJ has to maintain his discreet sides and had to act straight to vanguard his corporate post where he is aiming for a rank promotion. In real life, the man with piercing eyes and reserved demeanor is happily married with two kids.  He doesn’t mind  saving the role that was first offered to Dominic Ochoa (who preferred to back out). TJ’s masculinity was evident during the presscon as he remain a keen observer and gentle throughout – while his fellow belts spicy jokes.


Joey Paras (as Mandy) 

The Hesitant Hubby to be

The late director Wenn Deramas Prodigy and vice-Ganda’s fave sidekick, no doubt, has ace his role like he is only eating peanuts.  The event would have been more interesting with his presence. He missed it out due to sickness, but he is sure a great  addition to the movie’s ensemble.  The talented JP here is a redeemed gay man about to tie the knot with a  voluptuous fiancee (Cacai Cortez) until the test of flesh confronts his stronghold. Would he be going back to his old ways and choose to forget his real self in the name of true love?

Pardon His Wild and Bitchy Ways


Prince Stefan (as Jet)

With a very active sexlife, his promiscuous character seemed to corroborate the facts on a number of working gays employed in BPO industry; where the cultural stigma of getting the dreaded disease has been a curse attached to them.  The half Pinoy-half Saudi Arabian descent who were a byprouduct of  reality show Starstruck has never been happier upon authenticating the showbiz hearsays on his real persona’.  Prince came out loud, proud – AND GAY even before gay-woman Keanna Reeves spew his skeletons in the drawer online.  He equal, exceeded even John’s power wit on “talking department” in contrast of his manly built.

“Hindi ko na kayang magpanggap, at wala na ring naniniwala na straight ako,
kaya ngayon naeenjoy ko ang freedom ko”…

On fighting a good fight 


John Lapuz (as Gorgeous)

The veteran of ’em all, John “Sweet” Lapuz character as someone bringing the bacon at home, extending them further to the whole clan is perhaps the most stereotype.  Heroic and Martyr in nature and said to be the most sentimental.  He has reached the boiling point of his patience when he no longer can undo the machismo of his abusive father (Rez Cortez).

“At least for this movie, people would know that Gays are also human being; and they learned how to REACT back when needed”…

The Hesitant, and Willing…


Edgar Allan Guzman (as Champ)

“I admire my character because it has the guts to admit his real self on a National TV “

Edgar Allan Guzman is not a newbie in terms of portraying gay oriented roles that he is becoming more and more comfortable with sensitive scenes.  His latest being with another matinee idol, Michael Pangilinan in “Pare, Mahal mo raw Ako”.  He admits in candid, he isn’t yet ready being a regular of the role.  His brother, a real-life gay has helped him to deliver and become effective to the call of his character.   Will his throng of fans continue to chase his stars  despite of his true-identity revelation?  The beautiful Bella Padilla plays her love interest in the film.



The film-maker’s biggest challenge is to  draw male viewers.  He was in Europe during the prescon. 

Award-winning Script-writer/Director of 12 years, Chris Martinez behind popular comic films
“Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, Kimi Dora, The Gifted and a lot more of it’s genres
has been vocal that making a full-gay-themed film is his Big Dream Project come true. This is also in memory of his Director friend, the late Wenn,  himself a beloved gay he admires and get his inspiration from.

He has been itching to film a theme of this nature. He works hard for this and dedicate it to the members of LGBT and to every open-minded men and women as it tackles important issues that concerns everyone.


Undoubtedly, they were the right guys…err gays for the job!

Working Beks were created in the footstep of  1984/2010 “Working Girls” also a hit from Viva.  The movie’s fervent hope and sincere message in general, is to uplift the image of today’s gays, the working beks, in general. Opens in nationwide theaters this November 23.


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