Gabbi Garcia Blooms Into A Fine Lady


Every girl’s dream is having a stunning celebration on their 18th birthday and Gabbi Garcia had a great idea on her debut. “I wanted to be sincere, kaya nga #SincerelyGabbi”, she quipped. Even at a younger age she envisioned her debut to be everything out of ordinary, she promises to steer clear of tradition.

“I want it to be a night where all the loved ones are present. I want to have the typical 18’s but not strictly going by the rules. Gabbi confirmed that her on-screen partner Ruru Madrid will be her 17th dance as she is specially saving her 18th dance with her dad.

GMA Artist Center’s teen princess stepped into the limelight as a sweet girl who brought her fresh charm and grace on screen. From portraying teenybopper roles alongside with on-screen partner Ruru Madrid, she transformed herself into a fierce and sophisticated actress for Encantadia.

In barely three years, she has made a name in the industry by being herself-bubbly and fun, yet sultry and refined. Now that she is celebrating her coming of age, she will be spending an enchanting night witht he people who left a significant mark in her journey though life.

Gabbi will share a part of her that people has never sen before, and she will do it in elegance as she dons three dresses made by Mark Bumgarner.

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“Being legal, being a woman. It’s the start of your womanhood. Now I have to act like a lady! Gabbi ends the interview.

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