Sandara Park Turns To Music To Find Herself In One Step


A tragic accident causes her to forget her past. The only way for her to remember is to sing a melody from her heart.

VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment presents, One Step. A Korean movie starring Sandara Park (former member of the hit K-Pop all-girl group 2ne1), Han Jae-Seok (Speed Angels) and Cho Dong-In (The Stone). Believed to be inspired by Hollywood films such as “Once” and “Begin Again”, One Step revolves around a girl’s journey to remembering her past and discovering her true self.

After a car accident, Si-hyun (Sandara Park) loses her past memories and has acquired a rare condition called Colored Hearing, where she can visualize sounds into colors. Lost and confused, Si-hyun started to live with a girl she met at the hospital, named Ji-won and her brother Woo-hyuk (Cho Dong-in). One day, Woo-hyuk hears Si-hyun humming a melody in her sleep. Thinking it might help Si-hyun to recall her past, Woo-hyuk started writing down the melodies Si-hyun hums in her dreams, and gives it to her. Incidentally, Jee-il (Han Jae-sok), a struggling songwriter finds out about Si-hyun’s score and offers to help her find the melody she hears in her dreams.

The movie is Sandara’s first leading role and according to her, it was difficult to portray the role of someone who has the rare condition, Colored Hearing. She talked to the director on how she can portray her role, and admitted that even though she is a singer, she had to work extra hard to do justice to her character. Still, Sandara enjoyed filming the movie, and hopes to keep on acting and singing in the future.

Director Juhn Jaihong also has nothing but high praise for Sandara’s performance in the movie. The director noted Sandara’s strong desire and passion for acting, which made working with her very enjoyable.

One Step is produced by MCC Entertainment, a Production House known for its soundtrack productions for TV dramas such as “Jewel in the Palace” and “The Great Queen Seondeok”. One Step hits cinemas nationwide on May 10.

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