Puregold shines the spotlight on Filipino ‘winners’ and their success stories through “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”


Puregold rings in its twenty-fifth year in the retail industry with one important goal: to highlight life ‘Panalo Stories’ of its customers— Filipinos across the country. 

Puregold begins by telling the tales of the triumph of six sought-after personalities in the fields of entertainment, music, and sports. The supermarket retail chain announced its partnership with these endorsers through a campaign called “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”. Featuring videos that reveal the journeys these individuals took to get to where they are right now, it singularly conveys an important message: that all Filipinos can win in life, too.  

Vincent Co, President of Puregold Price Club, Inc., says, “Our success would not have been possible without our customers, who have been with us all these years. As we look forward to our 25th year, we aim to show our appreciation through inspiring Panalo Stories, in the hope that Filipinos will see how success is possible for them as well.” 

In his Puregold video, Justin de Dios reveals how he was once doubtful that he would ever be listened to, but he carried on, armed with his passion for music. 
Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” features the success story of Justin de Dios, sub-vocalist and creative lead of Filipino boy group SB19.
Justin de Dios, one of the faces of Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” videos, is now a big name in Philippine Pop. 

Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” tells the story of Justin de Dios, popularly known as “Justin,” the sub-vocalist and creative lead of Filipino boy band SB19. A singer, rapper, and actor, Justin once doubted that he could achieve recognition for his musical talent, but with sheer determination, he has become a shining star in Philippine Pop. 

May panahong walang gustong makinig sa’kin; mga panahong gusto ko nang sumuko. Pero hindi ako nagpatalo,” he shares in his Puregold video, which has already garnered 3.9 million views to date, a testament to how many people listen to and believe in him now. 

Francine Diaz, actress, model, and endorser shares how she overcame challenges in her life and reached her status as a rising star in her “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video. 
Through the years, Francine Diaz proved that she had what it takes to become the sought-after actress and endorser she is today. 
Faced with many struggles in her life, Francine Diaz shares in her Puregold video how hard work and determination to be the best in her field led her to her status as a celebrity at present. 

A beautiful face with stellar talent, as we have seen in the many teleseryes that she has starred in, Francine Diaz reveals a life that was filled with struggle. In her “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video, she gives us a glimpse of how much she has been through. “May mga iniyakan, pero mas marami akong nilabanan. Ang pagpursigi ko, walang cut, dahil alam kong nasa akin ang panalo.”

With her family as Francine’s inspiration, the young breadwinner worked hard to become who she is today—a gifted actress with fans who adore her, as well as projects and endorsements lined up for her to take. 

Celebrity couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola tell the tale of their powerful love, and how having each other as partners lead to all of their ‘Panalo Stories’. 
In their “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” feature, Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola profess their love, and reveal that being there for each other is a contributing factor to their success as a couple. 

Also featured in Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” is celebrity couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola, both big names in the local entertainment industry even before their paths crossed. 

In their video, the soon-to-be first-time parents profess how their love is their biggest victory, and how their partnership has led them to believe that they will win every battle they may face. “Hindi mo kailangang maging mag-isa,” the couple discloses. “May kasama kang sasalubong sa kahit anong ibigay ng tadhana.” 

Queenay Mercado, Tiktok celebrity, influencer, and actress, shows how proud and thankful she is of where she came from in her Puregold video. 
With millions of followers on social media platform Tiktok, Queenay Mercado remains humble amid her victories, grateful of where she came from and how this catapulted her to virality.
In her Puregold “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video, Queenay Mercado promises to continue sharing her roots and stories to her audience, remaining proud of who she is and who she will become.

Conquering Tiktok, arguably the most popular social media platform of this generation, influencer, actress, and “Reyna Batangueña of the Tiktokverse” Queenay Mercado, also has a success story to share. 

Now with over 12 million followers on Tiktok, Queenay, through her videos, took pride in her beginnings, which catapulted her into virality. Still, Queenay remains true to her roots. As she says in her “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video, “Isang maliit na boses mula sa malayo . . . ipinagmalaki ko at ipinarating sa buong bansa, at sa ibang parte ng mundo.”

 EJ Obiena, a winner not just for himself but for the Philippines, shares an inspiring tale of grit and hard work as a highly-esteemed athlete in his “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo” video.
With his own share of challenges in the sports field, EJ Obiena says that his secret to his victories is constantly striving to win, and never giving up.
Completing the six individuals featured in Puregold’s “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”, EJ Obiena shares that he will continue to persevere to achieve his goals, not just for himself, but for the country.

With another inspiring tale of hard work and perseverance, pole vaulter and record-holder EJ Obiena complete the six successful individuals featured in “Nasa Iyo ang Panalo”. 

EJ’s grit and determination led him to his status as the highly esteemed athlete he is today. He continues to compete and bring success not just to himself, but also to the Philippines. He says in his video, “Sugod lang hanggang tuktok, dahil kahit anong mangyari, alam kong nasa akin ang panalo.” 

Puregold customers and followers of its digital channels can watch for more Panalo Stories from these personalities, and from ordinary Filipinos, as the retailer celebrates its 25th year. 

As Vincent affirms, “Puregold is honored to have this opportunity to encourage Filipinos to take hold of their destinies and begin their journeys towards their greatest aspirations. We hope that ‘Nasa Iyo ang Panalo’ communicates an unequivocal message: ‘Success— Panalo is in each and every one of us.” 

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