Platinum Karaoke partners with ALDUB: the Tandem that lauch a nation sing their hearts out as new Ambassadors



In an event that is thoroughly organized and well funded,  Platinum Karaoke‘s major surprises even makes better by unveiling it’s star brand along with the two of entertainment industry’s highly coveted stars.


Spewed on a red stage from both ends much to the delight of the event spectators and promoters. The demo they did for the latest brand they are now holding in their hands is a winning start.

The Power of Two 

Manila Pen’s Rigodon Ballroom were filled with ear-piercing scream when Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza name was called and launched as Platinum Karaoke’s newest face as snapshots by yours truly in these frantic random photos.

Starry-Starry Night: Camera Flashes while Alden is  serenading Maine. The well-dressed (but hyperventilating) media & invited reps from their official fanclubs – Aldenatics & Maiden are all, but amused.
Alpha Karaoke by Platinum can be built in a car. Alas! the team got squeezed by their myriad of spectators so hardly they can’t deliver a longer melody, but kept jolly countenance in-tact, Good job and good score still, that is karaoke singing is all about. – FUN out of chaos!

PK’s bestseller Alpha brings music not just in your home, but on the road. It is an all-in-one system that is tailor-made for users’ flexibility.  If you want to use a portable singing machine on the go, this new alpha from PK certainly would be a star addition in  an outdoor party venue.

Advertiser’s cream of pie
The magical TV chemistry and phenomenal screen partnership of Aldub  which all started  from  Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye household fame  has indeed gone a long way; with the  X-factor they possessed that practically pull and eager crowd. The reason why Platinum Karaoke, the country’s leading in home music entertainment bank on their popularity and signed their name as addition to its rosters of celebrity endorsers – and now for it’s latest model they proudly co-launch  the new alpha.

Introducing the Platinum Alpha. Scientifically designed in Korea and now a world class product due to high-quality standard. Alpha is now available in the market and online thru
Music of their lives: Actress-Singer Karel Marquez, the event’s main anchor on-stage here with Aldub doing Q & A for the songs that influence their own person and artistry. Alden is a Bruno Mars Fans while Maine went for/no other than Alden 🙂

What made them accept endorsing Platinum Alpha ? A self-confessed Karaoke-singing fan the two quoted :

“talagang mahiLig kami kumanta, AND WE ALL KNOW that singing is a good way to distress, SO Go na agad! Accept na kami”

Maine added: It is only today, that I realized we’ve been an avid user of Platinum Karaoke. It has been a member of our family for ages now”, she recalled in disbelief.

Features like no other

Beside being a portable item, the unit can be brought anywhere the party is! Truly an advance videoke machine that covers a staggering collection of more than 17 thousands OPM and english, songs and counting. From USB compatibility to full HD video playback, Platinum ensure sure that its karaoke systems include all the features you need and lookin for in karaoke singing. Plus, it is intricately design and definitely worth checking out for the value of your money.

Customer’s Security on Top 
To ensure high-quality service at all times, we provide our customers with online support and a number of service centers across the country. PK’s well-trained team of technical experts is always available online; they’re one chat or email away whenever you need them. Cx can log on by checking on this link:

Meet the bosses: Aldub can’t obviously contained their delight as they groupie w/ Officers & marketing executives before the press

A smart karaoke choice, a must-try to level-up your karaoke experience!


For more of product knowledge & promo: visit their fb page #PlatinumKaraoke


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