Project T opens second serviced office and co-working space in BGC


Project T is a leader in the Philippine Flexible Workspace Market, offering premium serviced office and coworking spaces. Two years in the making and the brainchild of industry experts, the Premium Office Space is located in Bonifacio Global City, the BPO capital of the Philippines.

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Workplaces have changed since the Internet became a basic need almost three decades ago. This spurred more opportunities for people to build their own businesses and collaborate with others in growing these endeavors. In the Philippines alone, startups are seen to increase five-fold from 100 by 2020, according to the government’s Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups 2015 and Beyond. Along with this came the rise of
business hubs: serviced office and co-working spaces as the new workplaces.


But beyond sharing work areas in one building, the two-year-old Project T further strives to redefine work and office as people get detached from home and equally beautiful and important things in life while logging in more and more hours in making their dreams into reality.

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In its second building strategically located at Twenty-five Seven McKinley in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Project T now offers flexible workspaces that combine the comforts of home and efficiencies of an ideal workplace that make people more energized and creative at work.

Its bigger 500-seater workspace features new amenities, including a gym with traditional exercise equipment and newer machines that target the whole body. Project T’s second baby also has a bigger room that easily converts into a fitness studio where clients can do Zumba and Yoga.

“We have a weight-loss project for our employees. The goal is to be ealthier, so it will be easier for you to do your work without worries. We do Zumba every Tuesdays but it will be done more religiously here because of the bigger space. It’s an approach to make sure it’s a more holistic space for employees and clients,” says Vice President Nicole Dacula.

Along with these, Project T also plans to add more physical activities, such as table tennis, to its game area where clients can recharge while playing arcade and family computers. Freshening-up and power naps are no-worries as the workspace also houses shower areas and sleeping quarters.

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The enlarged space also turns into a movie room where working moms can leave their kids while they work. A lactation clinic is also a few steps away.
Project T’s industrial design also exemplifies the modern office that gives personal touch to the work areas, and encourage clients to do different but equally productive activities.

“I would say it’s an escape from the office scene. We wanted it to be minimalist because majority of people want to feel they’re working but they’re not. This is difficult to achieve in the usual space where they are cramped behind long desks working with other people. We want them to
create their own space, which produces a refreshing environment where they can take a break at different spaces here easily. Believe it or not, people work in the game area or sleeping quarters,” says Nicole.

Aside from the additional amenities, Project T also boasts of its Internet capability that enables sharing of connection between its two buildings and maximizes the speed to over 250 mbps in the second building. I.T. Director Kevin Cabrera says it’s been a crucial part of their business which he believes ensured Project T’s success in two years.

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“Our Internet service really has given us the edge, and that’s the area where we invest heavily. We have server rooms where clients can also put their own. The Internet alone is over 250 mbps which is not typical. I can sleep overnight and feel secured that our clients will be okay,” says Kevin.
In-house technicians are also available 24/7 to prevent online interruptions.

Project T also capitalizes on the building’s tight security in all its rooms with their biometrics-enabled doors.

Gluing these services for smooth operations is CEO Alvin Terrence Hong, who regularly upgrades skills of its staff—which he prefers to call his family—through various online courses, from I.T. to customer relations.

At present, Project T has a line-up of clients of both older and young businesspeople, including those of Honestbee, as testaments to the quality of its workplace where clients can also find new business opportunities through its 10 business services, such as registration, payroll, recruitment and Built-To-Suit program.

Alvin says that has benefitted foreign investors who wanted to test the waters in the Philippines. Through Built-To-Suit, clients can pick an office space from lists prepared by Project T and draw its own design. Contracts are negotiated to be paid on installment.

“We had a client who started with just a virtual office just for the business address. This year, they got a small office and now we’re working on their serviced office. Their staff grew double since, and I strongly believe that it was because of the relationship we had with them and the flexibility and services we offered. It was an end-to-end business solution,” says Nicole.

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Ultimately, Project T sees its workplace as an integral part of growing and starting businesses that also seek work-life balance.

“Here, you won’t have any excuse not to exercise, not to watch a movie or do Yoga because the amenities are there. On the business side, this is also the space where you can build networks of creative people,” says Alvin.

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