Celebrities, entertainment writers, bloggers rave about the movie “So Connected”


Celebrities, bloggers, and the entertainment press were all gushing over Regal Films, Inc.’s latest movie, So Connected, starring Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake.

The film, which is directed by the young and multi-awarded Jason Paul Laxamana, had its red-carpet premiere at SM Megamall, last Tuesday night, May 22.

The common observation that these celebrities and writers have noticed is the surprising but undeniable chemistry that Janella and Jameson have in this film, even if it is their first team-up.

Stars like Inigo Pascual, Jane Oineza, and Devon Seron, who all showed up at the premiere night, took to social media after watching the movie and posted their praises.

Piolo Pascual’s son tweeted, “Napakagandang pelikula. Story, characters, cinematography, and socring were on point.

“Chemistry was definitely present,” he said about Janella’s and Jameson’s first team up.

On the other hand, Devon tweeted that she could not get over the fact that she enjoyed and felt kilig, even after she got out of the cinema.

“Puro ako tawa at palakpak! It’s a very good movie,” Devon posted.

“Ibang Janella makikita niyo, charisma ni Jameson, the story and the cinematography galling!”

Jane congratulated her friend Janella for a quality project.

Another factor that the people raved about the movie is that it isn’t just a romantic feel-good movie, but a story that is socially relevant with a moral lesson.

It is perfect for millennials, who are exposed daily to modern technology, not fully realizing that it has its pros and cons, and could damage them if they don’t become very careful.

Entertainment Editor Nestor Cuartero of The Manila Bulletin highlighted the timely message the film aims to impart to viewers.

“It tells us how to use social media properly,” he wrote.

“It reminds us how we can avoid unfortunate incidents, such as public shaming or scandal.

“How? By being more judicious, less reckless, in what we post online.”

Philippine Entertainment Portal writer Jimpy Anarcon stressed that the movie is beyond the kilig and the love story.

“You thought it’s just a simple love story of the modern day and age, but is also tackled events that are currently happening, especially in social media,” he posted.

Veteran entertainment reporters and bloggers were one in saying that Janella and Jameson have a strong chemistry onscreen and gave justice to their respective roles.

They cited the charm and how good-looking Jameson is onscreen.

Entertainment blogger Chikkanesse posted, “Deserve ni Jameson ang leading man role and this movie will prove it. Kinikilig ako sa mga ngiti’t tingin niya.”

Meanwhile Janella was commended for off-beat role that showcased her talent as an actress with depth.

The Manila Feed posted about Janella, “She perfectly captured the essence of the character—her desperation, her longing to escape and her playful personality.”

Unlike in her previous roles, Janella is deglamorized and takes on a more mature, challenging role in this movie.

She plays, Trisha, a waitress who purchased a smartphone, not knowing that the seller stole it and sold it to her.

That phone belongs to Karter (Jameson), a video editor for a web channel.

Through a mobile app that Karter installed on his phone, he gets a glimpse of Trisha’s life in videos and photos uploaded in the online world and finds himself slowly falling for her and then resolves to find her.

Will he be able to convince Trisha that they have a genuine connection and win her heart?

So Connected also stars Paulo Angeles, Krystal Brimner, Cherise Castro, Ruby Rodriguez, Rolando Inocencio, VJ Mendoza, Chai Fonacier, Paeng Sudayanand opens in cinemas nationwide, today, Wednesday May 23.

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