William Thio Relaunches UNTV’s “SPOTLIGHT”


SPOTLIGHT offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of famous individuals, and celebrities, their triumps and challenges. This time around, SPOTLIGHT will be hosted by commercial model, multi-awarded broadcast journalist and TV personality, Mr. William Frederick Silvestre Thio.

The show will premiere on October 28, 2017 4:30 to 5:00 PM at UNTV. SPOTLIGHT will give the viewers a sneak peek into the private lives of many prominent, powerful, and iconic figures in the country.

Apart from featuring their professional achievements, SPOTLIGHT also like to give viewers a glimpse into their quirks, habits and past times to present the human side of these popular icon and re-introduce them to the public in a way they have never been seen before.

Summing up all these components perfectly describes SPOTLIGHT a show that is both informative and entertaining.



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