AMALANHIG: The Vampire Chronicle


A group of group of graduating medical students finds an unfinished letter with blood stain and references about human vampirism virus. The said letter came from the former Chief of Police of Pilar, a remote municipality. Years ago,  there was a killing. Only a letter provides a clue but due to insufficient evidences, the letter was dismiised as a hoax.

Nelly, Dan, vann, terry, and Jake together with Goerge, Dan’s balikbayan cousin, decided to conduct a research about vampirism and faith healing based from folk fanaticism and cultic practices. In pursuit for the answer to prove the existence of vampirism as a meidical condition, they ventured to the unknown palce to them – San Esteban. The object of their study is to interview a cult leader and faith healer known as Amang Kulas.

They arrive at Pilar on Holy Thursday on the eve of the blood, a lunar eclipse that will take place the following day – Good Friday. The blood moon or hunter’s moon on Good Friday is bad omen for the people of pilar that’s why they tried to caution the students of not going to San Esteban knowing that the palce is dangerous for strangers like them.

Amang Kulas, sensing eminent danger since the very beginning tried to caution the students also with the impeding death that follows them. But the youth will not listen to him as a selfish fellow who uses idioms to conceal the truth from them. Later on, they will suspect him as the real amalanhig- the one who kills.

Will the students be able to prove the existence of vampirism or are they  true to believe that Amang Kulas is the Amalanhig? How will they confront the situations?



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