When Motherhood becomes her in Bridget Jones Baby: But Who is the Dad?

Renee’ is back, and so is Bridgett! the cool-demeanored character we all love for her to reprise.  And the best part of our shy-heroine’ mid-life is waiting to happen in the movie’s 3rd installment –  brought to us  by Miramax & Universal Pictures. We were among the lucky few in Manila-based media to enjoy this amusing piece prior to it’s scheduled September 14th playdate, the premiere showing last week at Glorietta in Makati was highly-attended & well-applaused.
Single No More,
47 year old  American actress and producer Renée Zellweger  is likely to repeat the Academy Award nomination she garnered for the comic master-class in her first Bridgett,  after a six-year hiatus from the big screen. She tandem  anew with prolific director Sharon Maguire –  the series, being solely based on Helen Fielding’s comic novels

In the opening scene, Bridget celebrates her 43rd birthday with a cupcake speared with a single candle accompanied  by  the song “All by Myself,” 

Barely 12 years after Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason hit theaters, her older version embarks in a  motherhood journey.  “Bridget Jones’s Baby”  reflect on nostalgia for the characters’ quaint misbehavior and silly fantasies of yesteryears.  She was recognizably turns a little older and thinner than the original movie, but remain congenial nevertheless.
still in her heydays, and living her life to the fullest. This and more are just few of the happy moments in the sequel, where good music took important role


The audience would sure to baffle and ponder such question as “Who is the freaking Father”, and Who is she is going to spend her forever with? Both guys, it looks like are tailor-made partner for Bridgett.  Imagine this: it would be mind-boggling, enticing, fun and emotionally moving encounter of hearts in one.

From left, Colin Firth, Ms. Zellweger and Patrick Dempsey in the latest film in the “Bridget Jones” franchise.CreditGiles Keyte/Universal Pictures – In the funniest farcical moment (not very), the three are stuck in a revolving door at the hospital’s entrance. (as ranted by New York Times)


Bridget Jones’s Baby” is rated R17. There was, according to a #theguardiantimes  review  was a gigantic physical comedy that Dempsey, Zellweger and Firth uncorked as they try to get through the hospital revolving door as Bridget is about to give birth, This is the best way to end what can only can be described as the Bridget Jones franchise:

Suddenly, her love life comes back from the dead when she meets a dashing and handsome dating site-guru, the debonair  Jack (Patrick Dempsey). Dempsey in an interview with USA Today, describes Zellweger as “Very shy. Very delicate. Very insightful and intelligent.
the other possible father is Bridget’s old flame Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), who is so serious-looking that when he flashes a smile late in the movie you half expect a heavenly choir to erupt with hosannas.


“Nothing beats the rainy blues than watching this hilariously lovely rom-com in advance from universal pictures. the third instalment of the Bridget Jones films starring #ReneeZellwegger#bridgetjonesbaby is a truly entertaining film not to be missed this season. Find out who between #colinflirth and#PatrickDempsey is the real dad. It’s mind-boggling I should tell you. We were even given a baby test kit as a token, lol!. Thanks #Rezirb and Stanley Briz a for the premiere invite.. Showing now in your fave’ theater! 🙂

It is fair to say it was very well thought out and very well put together. The veteran actors gave a really natural performance and it did not feel forced at all. There was enough element of surprise and a great twist at the end.All I can say is it is a great film to watch at night with a bowl of popcorn. It will be different to what you expect, but actually even better! I would recommend this film.


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