Box-Office Hit Romantic Comedy Director Garry Marshall Brings Big-Hearted Movie “Mother’s Day”


Garry Marshall, who moved everyone to tears of joy with his classic and endearing romantic comedies such as “Pretty Woman,” “The Princess Diaries,” “Beaches,” “Dear God,” “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day” connects the world once again with his latest star-studded movie “Mother’s Day” starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis in a celebratory and inspiring story of what “Mother’s Day” really means to each of them.

“Mother’s Day” tell the intertwining stories of mothers and a Mr. Mom as the holiday approaches that stars Julia Roberts as Miranda, as a television host, Jennifer Aniston who plays recently-divorced Sandy, Kate Hudson who plays reluctant daughter and Jason Sudeikis, a widower trying to relate to his daughters. The movie also stars Timothy Olyphant, Sarah Chalke, Shay Mitchell, Jon Lovitz and Britt Robertson.

Aniston and Sudeikis, who’ve previously worked together in riotous comedies such as “We’re The Millers” marks their fifth movie as their characters’ lives are intertwined in “Mother’s Day.” “With Jason, we’ve been doing movies together which makes it quite fun and comfortable in all the best ways,” Aniston shares.

Further Aniston talks about working with director Garry Marshall, “It’s as if he likes walk with sunshine wherever he goes, and it just shows in his crew, he’s beloved and adored. I think a lot of people are here just to be with him. He also lets us improv which is fun.”

“I belieie no matter what they say, there’s still in magic inmoies and when you let them ompovise, someyime you get that magic. I knowhen I se it. In this picture, we wait for magical moments.”

“Sandy is basically met with the news that his ex-husband has remarried and she’s got to overcome on sharing her children and sort of rising above it. She’s a little thrown by his ex-husband’s new wife, and she’s thrown by the fact that she’s a much much younger woman because that’s a big deal when another person comes in as a co-parent to your child,” Aniston says of her character.

Veteran director Marshall likewise enthuses on the wondrous things that mothers all over the world had done for their families. “I wanted to explore and celebrate and show how hard and difficult it is today. I think it is the hardest job in the world is a mother raising a teenager these days, it’s just tough, with the internet, to get him to look up is a major thing, but I think it’s about time to really celebrate it. And do something about mothers and how hard it is now they have to put up with everything and they do it.”

On casting Jennifer Aniston, “I love how prepared she was and how ready she was to try. And this shows how open and very brave she is and when you let yourself go. But here she really impressed me and had the best time and made the scenes come alive.”

Marshall, known for his heartfelt movies finally shares that “I think emotions are good, but laugher sometime hou gotta have too. Make them laugh, make them cry, that has always been my motto, and many others. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. But in this films I have actors who do that.”

Celebrate the wonder of life that is our moms, watch “Mother’s Day” starting May 4 in cinemas – from OctoArts Films International.


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