G-Force Paint New Colors Through “Dance x Galmp Summer Dance Workshop 2016”


After reaching the milestone of ten extraordinary years inspiring dancers nationwide, the movement doesn’t stop there. The G-Force Project continues to grow bigger and better, as this 2016, they will paint new colors and give back on their 11th year through “Dance x Galmp Summer Dance Workshop 2016.”

Meet the G-Force

G-Force is branded to be the home of dance choreoghraphers to the stars like Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil, Maja Salvador, Kim Chui, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, to young artist like Elmo Magalona, Jerome Ponce, joshua garcia, Sarah Lahbati,a nd popular tandems JaDine and AlDub t name a few. The most unique, innovative and #1 Dance Company in the Philippines, gives the opportunity to experience specialized dance classes and performance like a celebrity.


G-Force translates what’s hot in the Philippines’ dance scene, which is why they promise to impart that to their students and more. Dance enthusiasts have a variety of classes to choose from, catering to all ages:hip-hop, street jazz, pop de deux, quickstep, AT’s quirk, dancehall, sexy hip-hop, lyrical hip-hop, kids classes and #whiteshirtlove-a class designed to empower women, handled by the artistic director of G-Force herself, teacher Georcelle. Students also have the oppurtunity to showcase what they learned at the MOA Arena Dance Concert on May 31.


By popular demand, “glamorous camping” is back. The “glamping” activities will allow students to develop their character and personality, practice camaraderie, build stronger bonds, boost their confidence in preparation for the dance concert, and of course have countless, cherishable experiences with G-Force to take home.


G-Force takes their classes wider across the nation. To celebrate 11 years, there are 11 cities- Cebu, Davao, Naga, Lucena, Albay, Baguio, Pangasinan, Makti, Alabang, batangas and their home-base, Quezon City. the company als proudly announced that they have a bigger and better home for dancers and dancers at heart. They will relocate to Il Terrazo, Penthouse along Tomas Morato, cor Sct. Mandrinan, Quezon City in April.


G-Force is alo bringing back the class best for bonding between parent and child- Me & My Little Force. The companyn will also offer a new set of classes. Hover Dance- inspired from the viral video showcasing exceptional and fun choreography utilizing the hover boards. This is offored to students who own a hover board. Choreography class is another new edition to the series of classes wherein students will explore further the different aspects of choreography. And we have more advanced classes of those who want to ante-up their dance skills.



A realization struck Teacher Gerocelle while recollecting the feeling of fulfillment when receiving feedback from students and parents. The G-Force project is #MoreThanJustDance, as they give oppurtunities for aspiring teachers, choreographers and inspire people to pursue their dreams. The much-awaited “Dance x Galmp Summer Dance Workshop 2016” is a mark of their overflowing gratitude. G-Force is hyped to share their gift of dance and share an unforgettable experience to tresure for a lifetime.

Teacher Gerocelle invites everyone to visit the newest G-Force Dance Center

Book a class now at new G-Force Dance Center at Il Terrazo, Penthouse along Tomas Morato, cor Sct. Mandrinan, Quezon City. You may also call or text  09178GFORCE (436723) or 099852FORCE (36723) for any inquiries.

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