“Bat Outta Hell” Trailer Release


Inspired by actual events, “Bat Outta Hell” is an eerie horror thriller that follows four inspiring, young filmmakers who are sent to shoot in the vast extremes of the South Australian wilderness and ended up in a town called Nowhere Else.

Starring Rachel Murphy, Marro Dapper and Vernon Wells, “Bat Outta Hell’s” production was completed through crowd funding under Danial Donai’s direction.

In the movie, the actors portraying the role of filmmakers dine and stay for the night with an estranged man that owns a roadhouse in this dusty town. After an emotional and frightening experience, they decide to make a quick exit from the roadhouse. Soon after, their vehicle is immobilized by a flying object, which leaves them stranded in the baron desert. They find shelter for the rest of the night in an old abandoned church, which stands out of place in this barren landscape of nothing.

“Bat Outta Hell” will open very soon in theatres this April 29 from Crystal Sky Multimedia.


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