Star Cinema releases, distributes ‘#Y’


The youth-oriented, but not-too-pleasant-themed flick of young filmmaker Gino M. Santos’s ‘#Y’ is being released and distributed by Star Cinema as part of its 20th anniversary celebration; and will soon have its regular screening starting Wednesday, December 10.

The film revolves around the lives of upper-class and modern-day youth and features young stars like Elmo Magalona, Coleen Garcia, Sophie Albert, Kit Thompson, Slater Young, and Chynna Ortaleza.

Back in this year’s Cinemalaya, ‘#Y’ competed in the New Breed category and was given the Special Jury Citation for Best Acting Ensemble for its cast.

According to Santos, the film has to undergo some adjustments just to cater to the taste and regular audience as well as the thrust of Star Cinema, “We had to make a bit of tweaking.”

The film conveys a message of how today’s generation live their lives that is greatly influenced and unified by social media and the Internet, primarily. It also promotes the ideological lifestyle of ‘YOLO’ which means ‘you only live once’ which simply implies ‘make the most of what one has in this lifetime.

‘#Y’ is written by Jeff Stelton, and is produced by Stained Glass Productions and Timeframe Media Production.

For more details and updates on the film, like its facebook page. Click for more photos.


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