McJim’s ‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch


Nearly two decades into the new millennium, the age-old problem of bullying remains to be a cause for concern among school authorities and parents of bullied children, mainly because most cases take place in the campus. For some reason, however, such incidents have been largely kept unreported until a fairly recent bullying incident broke out and went viral on social media, creating quite a ruckus among netizens.

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McJim comes up with yet another compelling and socially relevant short film, this time one that tackles the perennial problem of bullying among children.

Bullying, in fact, is an issue that is hiding in plain sight. According to the United Nations’ 2018 report, one in three children worldwide experience some form of bullying, a disturbing fact we must confront if we resolve to find a long-term solution to the problem.

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For McJim Classic Leather, a short film like “The Bully” is one way of talking about and shedding light on important societal issues like bullying.

This is the central theme of McJim Classic Leather’s newest viral short film titled “The Bully,” which zeroes in on the pathetic plight of bullying victims.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Cahilig, it tells the story of Ramon Christian Galvez (played by Jordan “Jay” Castillo, Jr.), an anti-bullying advocate who returns to his alma mater to give a talk on bullying. This rouses memories of the character’s own disquieting past—visions that continue to haunt him to this day.

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McJim’s new viral short film “The Bully” zeroes in on the plight of bullying victims, particularly children in school.

“With ‘The Bully,’ McJim comes up with yet another compelling and socially relevant short film that tackles issues we need to talk about as a humane and progressive society,” says Cahilig, who is also behind McJim’s previous award-winning shorts “Pitaka,” “Sinturon,” “Bag,” and “No Strings Attached.”

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A disturbing and disquieting past comes back to life in McJim’s new viral short film “The Bully.”

“Once again, McJim proves to be more than just a lifestyle brand as it strives to stay relevant in this day and age. It does so rather convincingly as it takes on another critical advocacy: anti-bullying,” Cahilig says of McJim and its newest short film, which, the director promises, will get viewers hooked until the end—all for a good cause.

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After its string of award-winning short films last year, McJim welcomes 2019 by taking on another critical advocacy in its new short film: anti-bullying.

“‘The Bully’ is a heart-rending but essential watch for people of all ages. Bullying is real. If we persist in glossing over the issue, we will do a disservice to scores of bullying victims and to the values that we hold dear,” Cahilig asserts.

He likewise counsels the youth. “If you are a victim of, or a witness to, bullying, don’t keep quiet. Talk about it and ask for help.”

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McJim promises that its new short film “The Bully” will get viewers hooked until the end—all for a good cause.

“The Bully” comes at a time when issues concerning child abuse are coming to the fore. The short film also has worthy precedents. “Pitaka” was hailed as the Best Branded Digital Ad at the 40th Catholic Mass Media Awards, and the Best Illustrated Poem at the 2018 Wales International Film Festival. “No Strings Attached,” meanwhile, bagged the Best Social Shorts award at the Liverpool International Film Festival 2018 in the United Kingdom.

Prior to “The Bully,” McJim earned praises for its first LGBT-themed short filmed “Bag” for its honest portrayal of a gay-straight friendship—a bold and unconventional move for a masculine brand like McJim.

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McJim continues to be socially relevant in this day and age through quality advocacy short films like “The Bully.”

“The Bully” and other McJim short films can be viewed on McJim’s official Facebook page,

“The Bully” was crafted by a team led by Yuji Gonzales (screenplay), Patrick Ferrer (cinematography), Paulo Luneta (editor), Kenneth Amparo (online vfx and color), Jordan Castillo, Jr. (assistant director), Kat Salinas (sound design), Richard Gonzales (scoring), Johanna Evangelista (production manager), and Christian Paul Mendoza (production coordinator). It also stars Adrian Cabido, RJ Perkins, Gold Azeron, Allen Ansay, Sheryl Pasia, and Johanna Evangelista.

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Jay Castillo breathes life into the character of Ramon Christian Galvez, an anti-bullying advocate who returns to his alma mater to talk about bullying, and confront a haunting past

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