Predator Is The New Product Series Dedicated To PC Gaming From Acer


The Predator gaming system, launched today in a warrior-like environment, makes playinggames even more spellbinding, commanding, brawny and with more chest -pounding pride than ever. Predator’s new gaming line even introduced characters that make it much tougher, clear cut and compelling line of gaming dvices you’d want to get hooked to any time.

Though forbidding in appearance, don’t be fooled by “Predator Grim.” He’s made of stern, serious and  brash stuff  fir to make you gnash your teeth with more fury in the battlefield on any environment, and the most apt descriptor for the entire Predator gaming system.

Widen your perspective of the fronline and allow yourself to get a better view of your enemies before they even make the slightest move. With Doubleshot, prioritize and optimize the Predator’s innate strength to make yourself a formidable presence to your opponents. REpresenting the Killer DoubleShot Pro feature of the Predator, enhance bandwidth where you can combine wireless networking and Gb LAN at the same time to make gaming sessions faster and lag-free morethan ever.

Now blast enemy to oblivion with “SoundPound” and its raw poer. With the Predator SoundPound 4.2 always at your disposal, you get to pound your enemies with the most ear-blasting audio power equippd any gaming device ever. With four speakers and two potent subwoofers plus Dolby Audio surround sound technology, prepare to hear enemy movements at the slightest drop of their sweat as they crawl to try and outflank you. And surely, they’ll be in for a big surprise.

Be cool and calculated yet deadly and lethal in the fighting front with “FostCore” by your side. At any time in any encounter, keep cool with Predator’s FrostCore feature. This uniqus, swappable fan design allows you to inject this fierce and potent gaming rig with extra dose of coolness to maintain heat down to manageable levels but not sacrifice on performance. Keep fighting and uns blazing for your troops in the fronline without worry of overheating so you can #ConquernewWorlds and thus maintain your tactical advantage over the enemy.

Steven J. Funcke, Predator Marketing Manager and Global Representative

“The Predator has always been known to be a tough and rugged  gaming brand and will keep it that way. The Philippines has been tagged to be a haven for both serious gamers and enthusiasts and we know they’ll love the Predator, which has now expanded from desktop to include several other devices built for gamers in everybody. We’re quite excited with what the predator can offer to Filipino gamers, something they haven’t seen in other brands,” declares Steven J. Funcke, Predator Marketing Manager and Global Representative.

Jerome Matti, NVIDIA Consumer Sales Manager  for the Philippines

“Even more stunning and vivid graphics is what NVIDIA brings to this expanded gaming line. We promised that gamers’ gaming experience will not just be epic but even monumental and we know we delivered on that promise,” emphasizes Jerome Matti, NVIDIA Consumer Sales Manager  for the Philippines.

Cooler Master’s Channel Manager fort he Philippines, Joseph Calimon

For his part, Cooler Master’s Channel Manager fort he Philippines, Joseph Calimon, said it is always their mission to make gamers’ passion for gaming cooler than ever. “Our cooling systems are always best-in-class gaming experience truly cool.”

“We know gamers like to show off their triumphs for all the world to see, or challenging other gamers to see who’s tougher so for Predator gaming system, Xsplit made video recording and game streaming even more seamless. Now, capturing gameplay for live streaming becamemore exciting with our upgraded software for the new Predators. We can’t wait to see and hear gamers’ reaction once they get their hands on these new Predators,” explains Miguel Molina, Senior Product Manager for Xsplit in the Philippines.

Miguel Molina, Senior Product Manager for Xsplit in the Philippines

For his part, Calum Chisholm, Country Manager of Intel Philippines said as gaming devices ramp up power, Intel needs up by coming up with more superior processors. “Gaming devices tremendous requirements for speed and powerhave alwaus been enormous and Intel will continue to keep up with the pace. Serious gamers need serious rigs, and we will not disappoint their need for superiority especially when against other gamers with latest Intel processors inside ne Predator gaming system.”

So get to #ConquerNewWorlds and create your own #PredatorPH experience with Predator gaming system that includes the Predator G3 and Predator G1 desktops, the Predaot 15 Laptop, the Predator 8 gaming tablet, the Predator X34, the world’s first 34-inch curved gaming monitor, and the Predator Z650 short-throw projector.

Get the Predator gaming system at PC Express Gilmore, the Villiman Computers Philippines at SM North EDSA and Octagon Computer Superstore at SM Megamall.

For more about the Predator gaming system, go to the Predator Philippines Facebook page @PredatorPhilippines.

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