JADINE Opens Up All-Access To Their Real World


For the first time, James Reid and Nadine Lustre are giving everyone a lookinto their real worldin their own words.

The superstar multi-media love team has just released Team Real,the first non-tie-in book from the real- and real-life couple.

“The book is your window into our minds, our untold stories, and unseen photos,” says James. “The pictures come from us and the words, from our mouths. Nadine and I were completely involved.”

One of those stories is on how they fell in love with each other, which both of them recounts from their individual perspectives. Another one reveals the real story behind the headline-grabbing tiff they had with each other during the movie premiere of Wang Fam.

“You hold in your hands a book where I reveal everything about myself – stuff you didn’t know about, stuff you didn’t expect, stuff you thought would never happen, and stuff you wouldn’t believe happened,” Nadine notes in the book’s Foreword. “I want you to be inspired, and I hope you see James and me as normal people who have struggles and challenges.”

The full-color 120-page book includes chapters devoted to James’ and Nadine’s homes, fashions, beauty and fitness, and pop culture favorites. It also features a section on their world travels containing dozens of never-before-seen private images that the two photo enthusiasts took themselves. The book also boasts many new photos that were shot exclusively for the project.

Team Real was officially launched with a hugely successful event at Market Market with more than 11,000 fans in attendance. But it was already a hit even before its release, having sold out within hours after it was made available as pre-order online. Team Real is the biggest-selling book this year with almost 100,000 copies sold.

The book is exclusively available in NBS and Powerbooks branches nationwide. It’s the fourth release from VRJ Books, the new publishing imprint of James and Nadine’s home studio, VIVA.

VRJ Books’ other titles are “Conversations Pa More,” a collection of iconic interviews by veteran entertainment journalist Ricky Lo with some of the country’s top stars, blockbuster director Wenn V. Deramas’ tell-all biography “Direk 2 Da Poynt,” and the re-release of Marcelo Santos III’s blockbuster first novel, “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic.”

“Conversations Pa More” and “Direk 2 Da Poynt” made it to National Bookstore’s Top 10 Bestsellers list for non-fiction for the month of May.


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