ANLENE Goes “Sakto”


    Anlene makes superior nutrition accessible, convenient, and affordable with the release of Anlene Sakto. Anlene Sakto is a practical 30gm single-serve pack loaded with Anlene’s unique combination of essential bone strengthening nutrients, BoneActiv.

    Anlene helps us to build and maintain our body’s ability to move comfortably so we can go through the day, accomplishing all that we need to do at work and at home, and still be able to engage in what we want to do for ourselves and our loved ones. ANLENE has 2x the Calcium, 5x the Vitamin D, and 6x lower in fat than regular adult milk.

    For us people on-the-go who follow a long list of things-to-do every day, Anlene Sakto is right for us. It is superior nutrition that is easy to bring anytime, anywhere to support our mobile, active lifestyle.

    Anlene Sakto is available nationwide at suggested retail price of only P15.50.


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