Ghost Kids Lure Twin Brothers To Follow Bughuul In “Sinister 2”


“Sinister 2” is the chilling sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit horror movie. In the aftermath of the shocking events in Sinister, the evil spirit of Bughuul continues to spread with frightening intensity. The new story is a scary, suspenseful race against time to save a family from falling prey to the madness, movies, and murder conjured by Bughuul and his foot soldiers, the ghost kids.

“In this story, we get to experience through one of the twin boys, Dylan, what we didn’t with Ellison’s daughter, Ashley, in the first film: the child getting access to the kill films, with the ghost kids very much present. The scenario is similar, but this time the viewer is witness to what’s unfolding. There are once again five ghost kids in the story, but these are not the same ones from the first movie, because they are connected to a different murder – and are already in contact with Dylan early on,” writer Scott Derrickson says.

Two of “Sinister 2’s” main cast are the Sloan siblings, Dartanian and Robert. “They’re technically not twins,” comments Shannyn Sossamon who plays their mother in the film; the two young actors playing identical twins are in fact fraternal triplets. Robert and Dartanian have a sister, Anastasia, who visited the set but does not appear in Sinister 2.

Dartanian “Dart” Sloan, who can be distinguished from brother Robert through, among other characteristics, lighter brown hair, reveals, “I was really excited to get the chance to be in this film; I’d never done a horror movie before. But we do a haunted house every year for Halloween; we like to scare people. I have not seen Sinister, and I don’t think my mom will let us see Sinister 2 because it is going to be even more gory and scarier!”

Robert Sloan adds, “We were allowed to watch a trailer of the first movie, and that was pretty freaky. We only just got to watch our first horror movie, The Sixth Sense, to prepare for making Sinister 2. We were allowed to watch it because my character, Dylan Collins, sees ghosts of children and paranormal things – a little like the kid in that movie.

“Dart and I read the Sinister 2 script. It wasn’t scary to read, but, when all the blood and music and sound effects are added in, it’s going to be much more intense. I do not think we will be seeing this movie once it’s finished,” Robert shared.

Dartanian reveals, “In Sinister 2, I play Zach Collins, the more competitive twin brother. Zach always has to win at everything, even if it’s just a race to the house. In real life, sure, we compete occasionally, but it’s not mean-spirited; when we play hockey, Robert is a better defenseman.” Robert in turn says and hints, “My character of Dylan is very shy. He’s the one who sees the ghost kids; Zach says he sees them. The five ghost kids made films of the killings they did, so when the Collins family moves into the abandoned house, the ghost kids need to convince one of the two brothers to do the same – or else Bughuul will be angry.”

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