Bringing the Holy Land Next To Your Heart


Stay seemingly connected with your religious past, and take a piece of history – wherever you go, with fashion pieces inspired and derived from the Holy Land. Individuals, whether young or old, can surely embrace these pieces as they usher in an era of stylish relevance, while still embracing the past.

Recognized globally and distributed by EnergyGold Corp. in the Philippines, Authentica are products that are unique and truly one of a kind as they bring a closer feel to the Holy Land. Mostly seen as more than a spiritual accessory, “These products also integrate classic and sophisticated hand-made designs to their jewelries and displays – successfully mixing fashion with devotion,” says Jadeeyah Abang, EnergyGold Corp.’s Vice President.

Spiritually inspired, these products incorporate materials and basic elements from the Holy Land, such as Oil from Mount Galilee, Soil from chosen regions of the Holy Land, and Water from the Jordan River – all of which are authentic to assure the product’s purity and high quality.

Filipinos can surely get a glimpse of the Holy Land through these products. Authentica products are locally distributed by Journey Spiritual Crafts – and can be availed online, through its online partners. Those from other countries can also lookforward to being able to take home these products as it aims to expand to South Asian counties like Japan and Korea, and Australia.

To know more about Journey’s spiritual crafts and souvenirs, you may log on to or visit the official Journey Spiritual Craft Facebook page



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