James Reid and Nadine Lustre Team Up Once Again In “Para Sa Helpless Romantic”


Official movie trailer of “Para Sa Helpless Romantic”

Are you a hopeless romantic? Or are you a more pragmatic lover who thinks romance is highly over-rated?

The cast of “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic” had their own fair share of how a hopeless romantic would be.

AJ Muhlach said that “A person who’s a hopeless romantic basically loves someone who would only love and love somebody but doesn’t get love back. I don’t know, I’m just figuring out things now because we kinda asked the author about it earlier. I might be one, but I think I’d be capable of giving love even when it’s not reciprocated”

While Shy Carlos chuckles when she said “Maybe I am, I am a little idealistic. As cliche as it may sounds, I believe in forever…(chuckles) I’m okay with that”

Of course Nadine had a clear idea what a hopeless romantic would be, “I think everyone is a hopeless romantic at some point in our lives. It depends on the level, but for me, I just like the feeling of being loved. I want to be in love. In a way, I even like the feeling of getting hurt a bit, a little weird right? I may be a little hopeless romantic but I’ve been in a lot of situations where I’ve learned A LOT from, I’ve already woken up to the fact that I may not be as hopeless as before” she explained.

But James Reid was spot on when he said “I feel like I’m a hopeless romantic because when I fall in love, I always end up thinking that nothing else matters. That feeling, I think I am.”

Watch the video tidbits of the special Blog Con of “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic.”

James Reid and Nadine Lustre Team Up Once Again In "Para sa Helpless Romantic"

Posted by ReZirb on Saturday, May 9, 2015

“Para saHopeless Romantic” marks the fourth onscreen pairing of the popular young stars in one year. They followed up “Diary” with the hit movie “Talk Back And You’re Dead” in July, and then later on with the top-rating four-part TV mini-series “Wansapanatym Presents: My App Boyfie.” This time they bring to life beloved characters from the page as written by Marcelo, who started out as an internet star with his romance videos before conquering the literary world as a bestselling author via “Para saHopeless Romantic,” his first novel.

In the movie, James and Nadine play high school sweethearts whose romance ends abruptly when James’ character decides to end it without much explanation, sending Nadine’s character looking for answers and pining for closure or reconciliation. She finds an outlet for her pent up emotions with the fiction stories she writes for her school paper, and finds a shoulder to cry on with her best friend, a spirited, happy-go-lucky, even more hopeless romantic girl played by Shy Carlos. Likewise, James’ character finds a helping hand in his best friend, played by AJ Muhlach.

Shy is best known for her role in the toprating series “Be Careful With My Heart” and is carving a name too as a VJ in MTV Pinoy. She will next be seen in VIVA’s upcoming horror movie, “Chain Mail,” and the movie adaptation of another bestselling book, Bob Ong’s comedy “LumayoKaNgaSa Akin.” AJ co-starred with James and Nadine in both “Diary” and “Talk Back.”

Marcelo continues to be a favorite among local book lovers. His second novel, last year’s “Para sa Broken Hearted,” a sequel to “Para saHopeless Romantic,” was also a bestseller, as well as his most recent release, “Mahal Mo Siya, MahalKa Ba?” a collection of essays about love and relationships. He also continues to take the internet by storm with his popular love quotes.

Catch the stars of “Para saHopeless Romantic” as they tour SM City Novaliches and Fisher Mall on May 7;SM City Cebu on May 8; SM City Manila and Market! Market! on May 9 and MarQuee Mall on May 10.

“Para sa Hopeless Romantic” opens in cinemas on May 13 from Star Cinema and VIVA Films.The film is supported by Jollibee.


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