Kata springboards its newest octa-core model with a new pricetag at Lazada.com.ph


With the rise of the smartphones and the Filipino tech-savvies, one can always expect that a new smartphone will trump its competition every now and then. Amongst the maverick players in the smartphone arena is Kata who springboards with its newest octa-core mode Kata i4. What is best about the Kata i4 is that it trumpets a pricetag of PhP 9,799 in Lazada.com.ph – its official online distributor – with all the power-packed features that it has to offer. Since March 1, the Kata i4 could be purchased from Lazada.com.ph via http://www.lazada.com.ph/kata-i4-32gb-black-381603.html.

The Kata i4 will definitely not disappoint you. It has a 5.0-inch Super HD display, an ultra-speed 1.7Ghz octa-core processor which gives you vivid graphics and ultra-fast performance. You can also capture precious moments with its 16MP rear and 8MP back camera, and store those photos into its 32GB internal storage together with your favorite music and applications.

Another thing to look forward to this device is that it is USB OTG capable, which lets you transfer files and use USB-devices like flash drive, digital camera, mouse and keyboard. Its ability to store massive multimedia files including photos, videos and among others is amplified by its pre-installed KataCloud application. Since the device comes with a free 25GB Kata Cloud voucher, this will give users a total of 35GB of cloud storage.

Kata i4 is indeed stylishly powerful yet affordable smartphone. The continuously innovative line of products that Kata offers its market is a testament that they are a brand to watch for. For more updates on the latest deals and offerings on the Kata i4, subscribe to the Facebook Fanpage of Lazada Philippines via www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines or keep your eyes peeled for all the surprise deals through www.lazada.com.ph.


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