Avida Land transforms South Park District with Interactive 3D Street Art


As February ushers in Arts Month, South Park District, a 6.6-hectare master-planned community of residential and commercial developments transforms its vibrant community into an interactive
canvas with 3D paintings unveiled on February 3.

3D paintings are artworks that project an illusion of depth and three-dimensional
space, elements that give them playful and eye-catching appeal.

Complementing the district’s existing art installations, these 3D paintings make the landscape a destination for creative exploration where art seamlessly blends with nature and home.

3D paintings appear carved into the very ground itself, giving what is a two-
dimensional image a sense of depth and tangibility against the surrounding landscape.

Among the talented artists who helped design and produce these latest paintings were John Mark Saycon, Neil Defeo, and Melanio Bulauitan III—members of Guhit Sudlungan, the winning team of
visual artists who participated at the first 3D street painting competition mounted by Avida in 2011. For this year’s venture, the team collaborated with fellow artists Brian Defeo, Emil Aldrine Alarcon, Didier Marc Alarcon, Jefferson Malong, and Jervin Ferrer.

Tess Tatco, Avida Land’s Marketing Head, shares great excitement over the newest attractions in the place. “We’re proud to showcase once more the creative talents of local artists,” she says. “Come and visit South Park District to discover the joy and inspiration that visual art can bring.”

Neil Defeo led the production of the cityscape 3D painting.

John Mark Saycon, on the other hand, says that he and his fellow artists were gratified to have another art collaboration with AvidaLand. “Winning the first-ever 3D street painting competition in 2011 opened doors for us,” he enthuses. “We’re happy to have another shot at it in 2024.”

John Mark Saycon was one of the original winners of the first-ever Avida 3D Street
Painting Competition.

Melanio Bulautian III, on his part, recalls that he and his fellow artists were just students back then, excited to share their craft with the world. “Winning the competition got our names out there—an invaluable chance to introduce ourselves to the public and establish our names as artists. Over a decade later, we’re even more excited to share our art with Avida again.”

Two artists are hard at work at making the brand new 3D paintings in the South Park

A talented team of artists worked hard to produce the new 3D painting featured in
South Park District.

Bring the district’s essence of “Part City. Part Nature. Pure South” to life, one 3D painting shows a lush flower garden with butterflies in the air. The production of this artwork was led by none other than Emil Aldrine Alarcon. Alarcon has had a multitude of successful exhibits through the years, with another one, titled “Rebirth,” to be mounted at Arte Bettina in February.

The team of artists used their work to explore the event’s theme, “Part City, Part
Nature, Pure South.”

Even under the hot sun, the artists worked to bring these eye-catching pieces to life.

The second 3D painting showcases a green roundabout amid a cityscape. The production of this artwork was led by Neil Defeo, who is primarily known for his paintings in watercolor and oil. Defeo won the Vision Petron Awards in 2010 and 2016.

Avida Land has been giving artists the chance to showcase their work on significant

3D painting requires a careful mastery of perspective from the artists at work.

Tatco stresses that the best way to enjoy 3D paintings is by seeing them up close. “This is why we invite everyone to get up close to these stunning works of art at South Park District in National Road, Alabang. Unleash your inner artist and capture great photos with your loved ones and friends.”

A team of some of the country’s most notable visual artists applied themselves to
create these 3D paintings.

Property seekers who want to live a balanced life amidst the relaxing vibe of the South may visit the Avida Towers Ardane Showroom. Avida Land Corp. is the upper-mid-income residential brand of Ayala Land, the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates offering a diverse mix of properties such as residential, retail, office, hotels, and leisure developments that support local
economic growth and nation-building.

One 3D painting shows a lush flower garden with butterflies in the air.

The second 3D painting showcases a green roundabout amid a cityscape.

For more information and updates on Avida Land’s projects, visit their website at https://www.avidaland.com/, like and follow @AvidaLandPH on Facebook and Instagram, and @avidaofficial on YouTube.


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