Real-life Sweetheart Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaughn Paired In “I Found My Heart In Santa Fe”


For the first time,  real-life couple Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaughn join forces in terms of heart, talent and resources to make the film “I Found My Heart In Santa Fe”, a rom-com produced by BLUART PRODUCTIONS.

“I Found My Heart In Santa Fe” movie was shot in the pictureque island of Santa Fe in Bantayan Island, Cebu. Not only it features the real life in the island but showcases the emarald waters, white sand beach and enchanting cove in Santa Fe which is said to be the newest favourite tourist destination of people wanting to bask in the sun and enjoy the seaside.

Roxanne and Will had been in a relationship for four years now but they have yet to work in a project. But both have been dreaming of dooing a movie together or an interesting TV project where they can show their chemistry as a love team, aside from their acting talent.

That’s why when this project was presented to both of them, Roxanne and Will grabbed the chance to co-produce the film.

In “I Found My Heart In Santa Fe,” Roxanne plays the role of Jennifer, a smart, hardworking and pretty islander with unique personality. She has this spunk in her that is not typical of an island girl, making her more interesting to men. But because of a recent heartache in her personal life toughened her and made her wiser when it comes to love. What keeps her busy is managing their family-owned business, a resort called Beach Placid.

Will Devaughn on the other hand, plays the handsome German-Filipino named Viiktor, who loves adventure and his own company named “Green Technology” which is focused in developing business ventures in different countries.


The beauty of the island was one of the main factors in moving the Jennifer and Viktor tandem. It makes Santa Fe as a perfect romantic backdrop for the film. The exciting journey to love of Jennifer and Viktor started when the latter decided to fly to Santa Fe to look for his biological mother which he has yet to meet and to discover his Filipino roots as well.

The said independent film is the first-ever brand-new movie to be screened at CineLokal in selected SM Cinemas starting on September 15.

For more information, check the film’s facebook page–@ifoundmyheartinsantafe.


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