Taco Bell Introduces Chessy Core Burrito


Taco Bell never ceases to give good choices for Burrito and this time, they introduce to us its cheesiest burrito – the “Chessy Core Burrito”. I have my first taste of it and believed me it is really flavourful and the nachos is so crisp.

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The “Chessy Core Burrito” is the first burrito with a melted cheese center. It features a “core” of rednacho strips smothered with Taco Bell’s signature three cheese blend and nacho cheese sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla surrounded by seasoned beef, Mexican rice, cool sour cream and red sauce wrapped into a burrito. Now try to imagine a mini cheese burito stuffed inside a classic taco bell burrito – are you salivating yet or better to say your are craving for it!

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Already satisfying on its own, the “Chessy Core Burrito” is available at Php139 ala carte. You can enjoy it with your favorite soda and authentic Taco Bell’s nachos for only Php179.

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Go ahead and grab some “Chessy Core Burrito” at Taco Bell’s near you.

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For more information on the “Chessy Core Burrito” and Taco Bell’s latest offering, visit taco bell’s official website at www.tacobell.com.ph or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @TacobellPHL.

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