Watch: Gripping Narrative of Love, Hope and Mayhem in OH, MY MAMA (the last 2 weeks)


ANTIPOLO CITY/RIZAL PROVINCE: GMA 7’s set visit invite to bloggers in this laid-back part of the town had been an experience, so time and noteworthy.  We witnessed in surprises how the rising Kapuso actors  breath life and meaning to their  tough roles under the presence of creative writers and directors, respectively.  

Still donning on their characters and armed with  demeanors that’s  bright as the afternoon sky, the stars gamely sit-down with the digital media press for a Q & A.


GMA 7 has found a real on gem on Inah (as Maricel ) and Jake Vargas (as Julio).  Their level of talents, cuteness  and chemistry on and off cam are evident.  

as topbilled by the promising Inah De Belen, GMA Artist newest contract talent
who is destine to follow her parent’s fame, and all geared to prove that she is more an angelic face.

The toll she took in reprising the role of no other than the Diamond Star herself Ms. Maricel Soriano, on the franchise of its 1981 movie. The role is pretty exhausting emotionally and physically, quite severe for a starter  as this being her first leading role, but she plays with flying colors.


This scene and more are what made up the tear-jerking afternoon soap. 21 year old  Inah cries beautifully, Epie Quizon comments. the emotional nature of cry would have frozen the heart of the most. While Jake’s acting depth gets better here even.

The network she chose to signed in few months back, has seen her promise and potential. Power acting does run in Ina’s blood being an offspring of award-winning stars Janice De Belen and John Estrada (both champions  teleseryes).  She was paired here with equally youthful looking lad Jake Vargas (in the role of William Martinez)  who supports her in their scenes like a real gentleman.

I did ask: “Are you on pressured, being compared especially to your mother?”

“Yes. that’s true. but I felt challenged. and good thing she allows me to discover my hidden skills on my own”.

“Have you already introduced your good friend Jake to your mom”?

She was caught-off guard, her lips were sealed. And all she could say is “OH, MY MAMA”
(the bloggers laughed altogether).


Like mother, like daughter: Equally gorgeous Inah  here w/ doting mom courtesy of her Instagram Account @czarinahisabella

An Offbeat Role He’s been waiting for…

The daytime soap #OhMyMama has open windows of opportunity to the charming now 24 year old “Prince of Mall Show” to showcase his versatility as a serious artist from being a cute-looking boy to a grown up man with a goon side.  This is before he redeem himself and turned fatherly to their  street kids captured by a pro-crime syndicate he was wrongly in.


Jake (@imjhakevargas) while gamely doing a video clip for the writer.  The young man’s genuine PR made him a Darling of the Press and earned him consistent  citation for youth-achievement awards.

Meet the other heart-rob, in love


Jeric (Zach Ynares)@jericgonzales07 plays a wealthy, proud lad who could magnet girls in a snap.  Until love changes him upon felling  for a simple girl in Maricel to whom he has to fight attention with her rival Julio.  

The soft-spoken,  seemingly reserve and dashing JC did complete the love triangle of Jake & Inah. The 24 year old is a product of GMA artista search Protege’, and an active  member of Pinoy Trio Boyband 3logy.  “When I asked, if he were to choose over music and acting, which one he would focus on:

“I am more comfortable in singing over acting.  It’s been my first love, but I am BECOMING more interested in acting, so I’m improving myself thru workshops.  I’m thankul to gma7 for making me try on a totally different character. far from the real me”.  – jERIC



Filipino-Greek Actor name by his stage name Phytos Ramirez is a a commercial model and a starstruck alumni. He stars on various Magpakailanman drama shows that sharpens his acting flair.  Who inspires you among the senior casts?

“It was Kuya Epie Quizon who influenced me in many ways, especially on internalizing my spiel. It was an honor for us to work with respected actors in the show”. – PHYTOS

The bubbly teen Eunece Lagusad is a everybody’s favorite bestfriend.  It’s nice to have someone simple, but talented like her on a melodramatic series to mellow it with a right balance of wit and fun. Now booming to her finess, she’s being paired to Phytos, and the two of them has their own light moments together along with her charismatic blending with the rest of the stars.

“When the news broke that the series were meant to shot it’s remaining episodes, I was saddened. We all have had a good rapport, because we don’t treat each one as co-workers, but family”. I’m sure would miss everyone”.  – Eunece 


Starstruck 6 Avenger Annalyn is Miley on the Soap. Hailed from Ilo-ilo/Ormoc City, she is a fine young woman to watch. The poise the radiance she exudes would qualify on beauty category which she aim on trying. The innocence on her eyes, and will to improve on her artistry are among her asset to suceed in the ‘biz. She was an interesting addition to the show.   And she has prove to be more than just a pretty face.

“I was thought to be prepared before coming to set.  I understand there’s more to learn to become an effective artist.  And I grateful for all the support I’m enjoying as I am leaded to the right track”- Ana


I honored to share the frame with GMA Artist’s promising young blood @euncelagusad18 @iamphytosramirez @anaabarro. They could easily established rapport with the bloggers and are worthy of superlatives. They maybe raw, yet a revelation in the afternoon series.

On your siesta time, missed not the the whole lingering episodes. The fighting spirit of young protaganists and the sordid characters of villain in this grotesque drama is timeworthy.


Inah and her “kids” acts like nobody’s watching. True-blue artist in the making. (At the front of RIzal Provincial Capitol)


“Mama Cel” w/ her foster kids blinded by scorching heat of the sun, before the take.

the last two weeks promises to be as poignant and as the early episodes


On a lighter side: The maverick Director Neal Del Rosario on mask, trying to intimidate/distract  the lead star Inah while on interview. Her reaction triggers the kid in her.



GMA and Regal Entertainment TV promises to produce more shows like this in the future, and would sure to bring in the promising young talents soap like this have honed – for soap loving viewers that spuns overseas. Meanwhile, brace your emotions and be sure to keep your hankie with you because the twists in lingering episodes of #OHMYMAMA is as poignant and gripping as their first.

Other Cast includes:


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