Alex Gonzaga & Joseph Marco Deliver A Perfect Blend Of Smile, Kilig & Romance In “My Rebound Girl”


The Alex Gonzaga & Joseph Marco chemistry first worked wonders via the TV adaptation of the Koreanovela “Pure Love” on ABS-CBN.

It was in the same series that televiewers first fell in love with the screen pairing which, sources say, almost led to a real-life romance.

Regal Entertainment’s mother Lily and Roselle Monteverde were among those who took notice of banked on the TV magic Alex & joseph created that they chose to cast them as lead stars in the feel-good rom-com “My Rebound Girl.”

In the film, Alex is Raquel or Rocky, dubbed as the pambansang Rebound Girl. Rocky’s dad wanted to bring her with him abroad but she declined and put up her own business, the perfect Blend Cafe, with several business partner-friends (including boyfriend Timmy) instead. Rocky may not be a stunner but she is kind, trusting and jolly.

Just when she thinks her plans are falling into place, Timmy who happens to be their group’s main financier, backs out of Perfect Blend to reconcile with ex-girlfriend. In short, Rocky is dumped for another girl.

Heartbroken, Rocky had wanted to quit the cafe venture until her savior, Rich Magsanoc (Joseph) comes along. Each come on too strong for the other on their first meeting.

Financier Rich also serves as the cafe’s manager. As they go along, though, both agree to co-manage the shop on the condition that the cafe will make use Rich’s coffee beans from almost idle coffee farm. During one of Rocky’s visits to the coffee farm in Benguet, she discovers how much Rich wants to revive the farm to convince his mom against selling the property.

She also learns that Rich has just been dumped by his long-time girlfriend. From then on, Rocky and Rich’s relationship become sweeter as they develop their own signature blends. Disagreements ended up in adate until Rich finds himself falling for Rocky.

Rocky eventually agrees to be Rich’s girlfriend even when at the back of her mind, she wasn’t sure whether or not she was getting into another “rebound” relationship. Their love story gets major twist when Rich’s former girlfriend shows up at the cafe’s inauguration. Will Rocky give up or will she fight for Rich’s love this time?

My Rebound Girl is definitely Alex and Joseph’s biggest break on the big screen as a tandem. From being a host, singer, comedienne and author, Alex moved on to headline the TV series “Inday Bote.” She has also done other movies like “i’ve Fallen For You,” praybeyt Benjamin” and “Buy Now, Die Later.” But My Rebound Girl is her toughtest challenge and based on the trailer, she was able to pass the test with flying colors.

For his part, Joseph has done lead role for such TV series as “Dolce Amore” and a few films. But My Rebound Girl catapults him to the romantic lead status.

Alex and Joseph’s director, Direk Emmanuel himself shows a lot of promise. he has handled several movies like ” Slumber Party” “Kailangan Kita” and “Sarong Banggi.” Direk Emmanuel is a screenwriter, filmaker, theather artist, graphic artist and songwriter. He, too, is one of the founding member of Bedbugs, an underground comics group.

Together, Alex, Joseph and Direk Emmanuel make “My Rebound Girl” a relatable, heart-wrenching yet heartwarming story that will hit you hard with reality-but might heal your bitter, black, broken heart.

Get a taste of and experience Alex and Joseph’s magic as “My Rebound Girl” hits local screens nationwide starting September  28.





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