Watch Trailer: Oscar Isaac Stalk Garrett Hedlund in Crime Thriller ‘Mojave’


If you search the darkness prepare to face it. “When you get what you want, doing what you want, you go to the desert to find out what you want.” In the crime thriller ‘Mojave,’ written and directed by William Monahan, a near-suicidal artist (Garrett Hedlund) heads to the desert for some me time and encounters his doppelgänger-like antagonist, a homicidal drifter (Oscar Isaac).

“I’m thinking some guy who just walked in pretending to be the devil.” The pair have a tense encounter in the desert and things take a bad turn before Hedlund returns home to the city only to find himself being stalked by Isaac who has tracked him down and vows to take over his life.

“It started in the desert and it’s gonna end there.” In the trailer we see the two play a game of cat and mouse. With a cast that includes: Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Mark Wahlberg, Louise Bourgoin and Walton Goggins.

“MOJAVE” is released and distributed by CAPTIVE CINEMA.
Showing on February 17. NATIONWIDE!


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