Baron Geisler Is Back In The Headline


Actor Baron Frederick Geisler had figured in another alleged misbehavior at Skytrax Superclub in Angeles City on July 7, 2015.

c varon lasing ng wawala sa labas ng skytrack disco

Posted by Mojahid Abdulmoumen on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

As seen from the video uploaded by Mojahid Abdulmoumen on July 7 at 11:49pm shows a drunk Geisler was seen having a heated argument with the Skytrax Superclub bouncers when the latter denied him to enter the club.

Geisler, has been involved in numerous complaint. Back in early 2011, Geisler faced a harassment complaint from actress Cherry Pie Picache who accused him for groping her breast on the set of Noah in which Geisler has denied engaging and claimed it was an accidental touch.  It was reported that Geisler was under the influence of alcohol on that taping day. This is Geisler’s fourth acts of lasciviousness / unjust vexation accusation, the other three are with Patricia Martinez, Yasmien Kurdi and Julia Clarete respectively.

Such another wayward behavior of a great actor. Will he ever overcome his extreme bipolar disorder? That’s remain to bee seen.



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