SleepWorth’s Silver Years of Success: Bloggers Meets up with the Brains Behind


 Bgy. Sto. Nino, Cainta Rizal, Last week of May: Before summer 2015 bid adieu,  Social  Medial Bloggers of various niches storms SleepWorth Plant to witness how those high-quality pillows and mattresses were made to pureness and perfection.  Plus, we were given ample time to chit-chat freely and rub elbows with the highly-accommpdating founders during the Q & A that’s truly enriching and informative in one.  We can’t help, but be in awe when those reprocessed raw materials metamorphosed into colourful masterpieces being cut, weaved, saw, repacked by bare, yet skillful hands right in our very front – a close reminder to the founder’s tale s rooted from a humble beginning into a stable household name  that it is today.

SleepWorth is determined to leave a lasting legacy and carry on to it’s noble mission of reaching out on so-called “average” family.  Here’s my catch.

A Trip down Sleep-Making Factory


Ruler is not a must in trimming those clothes to it’s rightful measure.  The task has been mastered by competent tailors who does the pruning from the heart.


well-focused experts  to ensure quality assurance on product as well as customer satisfaction



 ….a personalized approach to each and every item is a yes!.


From this…


 To this…

From the claw of local and foreign competition, comes a handmade products made of high-quality fabrics.

A brief look at the past, hopes for present & future
Here’s an excerpt from my interview to General Manager and Son of the Founder, Mr. Myke Filipinas Torres

What do you think is your edge among your competitors?
“We don’t use foam and spring in bed, but mostly uses pure cotton as raw materials. Our pillows are even washable and can be kept for years. We earned the local patent rights for “Kapok”, a unique and special  material that could only be found in a tropical tree which produces silk cotton. Thus, they couldn’t penetrate or imitate our products and we remain the sole distributor of Kapok mattresses in the country today.


 The star of the house. Kapok Mattress in-the-making…

Each and every business has undergone tough times, what’s yours?

“We were totally devastated during the times of Ondoy & Habagat. The plant is actually near the creek , but it’s also closer to the Montalban Damn.  “Damn  the Damn”, the soft-spoken guy exclaimed!, us, his audience counter in laughter.  Thus, we just can’t imagine the pain and damaged the ravaging typhoon caused to his family’s business and in the welfare of his people when stockpiles of the finished goods scheduled for delivery were eaten by flashing flood and stained badly by ugly thick mud.

Beside of course the finished products, what other factors you consider your assets for your staying power?
Loyal, Trusted, Hardworking Workers. Some have been with us from the beginning,  the rest more or less a decade.  We would have been longtime transferred location, Antipolo, or perhaps Pampanga outside the City, we also consider the logistics of our men”.


More Engage, as Ever

The same statements ring true to SleepWorth founder herself, 73 old Ms. Filinas Katly Torres, whose expertise, passion and dedication to her other “offspring” gets better as time passes. From the history  behind the logo, the concept and ideas of the colors to each and every mattresses and pillows, from the top-selling distributors of “average” clients of hers,  the underprivileged families with whom the idea of her first “Kapok” mattress was inspired.  She couldn’t contain her pride upon seeing how those handmade creations  of her people flaunted outdoor the simple houses – as an alternate to the stereotype culture of banig (strawmat). Interestingly, these days, the same has been enjoyed by both the mid-class and reaching out the bedrooms of the more affluent ones.

From her dignified & strict-looking countenance hides a sweet & motherly aura that is beloved,  obeyed & respected by each and every members of SleepWorth Family.  As of this writing, The brand has over 597 stores nationwide, most common in PureGold, Robinsons and SM branches.

On Branding, Social Media Campaigns & Advocacy
To further strengthen it’s online presence, and in celebration of it’s 25 years,  a campaign on FB and Instagram would soon be launched, and advocacy likewise, such as “Trade or Donate your Jeans for a Pillow” for the benefit  of the urban areas’ poorest of the poor, among others . This is in partnership with one of today’s most promising P.R. company – The big Difference Communications.


To know more about Sleepworth and get updates, you may like their page on Facebook  or visit their website @

                             – by Joseph Xander Ramos, Blogger


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