PH Reveals Annual Salary Report 2015


Manila, Philippines, 26 February 2015 – Do you have a job that lets you enjoy a great salary? If you specialize in information technology (IT) and have extensive technical know-how, then you are on the right track. This year’s Annual Salary Report reveals that employees in IT – Software and IT – Network, System, and Database Administration are the best paid, consistently occupying the top two spots across all position levels (1 to 4 years’ experience, 5 years and up, and assistant manager/manager).
The only other specialization that is placed in the top 10 for all position levels is Customer Service. Electrical and Communications Engineering, Sales/Telesales, and Training and Development are placed in two of the three position levels.

All companies posting through are encouraged to include the salary offer on their job ads, making salary information visible to those applying. With this information, is publishing a list of the Top 10 Specializations With #GreatSalary to further help candidates and employees gauge if they are getting paid competitively while advising them of which jobs are generous in terms of compensation.

This year, shifts the report’s focus from top industries to top specializations, as information regarding the latter could be more impactful for jobseekers. After all, the first thing Filipinos consider when looking for a job is the fit between the available opportunity to their field of study, skills, and interests. Thus, having information on how much one’s skills and specialization get paid in the job market would prove more useful in certain situations.

For example, jobseekers who are assessing how their current salary stacks up with how much others with the same specialization get paid would greatly benefit from the information in this year’s report. Moreover, those considering a career shift or a change in skillset or specialization so that they can be better rewarded financially at work may want to look into this year’s list.

Junior Executives/1 to 4 Years’ Experienced Employees

Junior employees specializing in IT/computer-software are the highest paid, followed by those specializing in network/system/database administration. Junior lawyers place third with average earnings of P27,033. Employees with 1 to 4 years of experience specializing in actuarial sciences/statistics and electronic and communications engineering round up the top 5.

Supervisors/5 or More Years’ Experienced Employees

Supervisors specializing in IT/computer-software, IT/network/system/database administration, law/legal services, and electronic and communications engineering placed first to fourth in the highest paid list in their level. Employees specializing in customer care get a noticeably high salary upgrade, as customer service supervisors placed fifth on the list. Sales and telesales specialists up to the supervisory level still managed to secure a place in the top 10, though other specializations would later surpass them in the managerial level.

Assistant Managers/Managers

Even in the managerial levels, IT specialists still occupied the top 2 positions, cementing their position as the highest paid professionals in 2015. Technical and helpdesk support managers also enjoy a great salary, with an P80,405 average. Customer service managers also get paid better, making them the 4th best-paid managers according to specialization. While they were absent in the supervisors’ report, training and development specialists ranked 6th, with its managers earning an average of P67,380. It is interesting to note that architects and interior design professionals are the 5th best paid managers.’s 2015 Salary Report was determined through the identification of the average salary of all specializations per position level, based on actual salaries posted by employers on from October 1 – December 31, 2014. Basic salaries used did not include other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance, and incentives.


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