One Buried Past Resurfaces In “Tragic Theater”


What terror lies in a building believed to be haunted by hundreds of angry souls?  TRAGIC THEATER, Viva Films’ initial offering for 2015, will give moviegoers a hair-raising experience as it revolves around a cinema’s exorcism.  The film is based on a book by G.M. Coronel which is inspired by a real event.

In the early 1980s, a film center was being rushed into completion when a scaffolding collapsed and several workers got killed in the process.  It was widely believed that the number of deaths ranged between 150 to 168.  Even more shocking was how some of the men had allegedly died.  It was said that workers who were still alive but trapped by steel bars were not rescued, but rather, cement was poured over them to avoid delay in the construction.

Reports of paranormal activities would always be attached to the story.  Some claimed to have heard cries and screams even when there was no one around.  Others said they witnessed apparitions.  And though many have tried, no spirit questor is said to have been successful in driving the ghosts away.

With this background, TRAGIC THEATER begins its story.  Christopher de Leon, John Estrada, and AndiEigenmann star as the brave priests and government official who lead a group of spirit communicators inside the haunted cinema.

Anne Marie Francisco (Eigenmann), an ambitious and workaholic coordinator of the Department of Tourism, is tasked to ensure that the infamous building is free of unwanted spirits so that construction of an IMAX Theater inside the structure can proceed.  She seeks the help of Father Nilo (Estrada), a leader of spirit communicators known for his radical methods of supernatural cleansing.  Together with his team, Fr. Nilo and Anne head for their mission, initially succeeding in contacting the spirits.  But the angry souls reveal that something more sinister exists among them and it refuses to leave. Much worse, it will not let anyone–dead or living–escape.

TRAGIC THEATER is an early horror treat that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Catch it on January 8, 2015.  Directed by TikoyAguiluz. Only from Viva Films.

For more information on TRAGIC THEATER, visit Viva Films’ Facebook account or follow them on Twitter (@Viva_Films) and Instagram (viva_films).


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