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Two ‘Higantes’ were stationed at the two opposite sides of the stage.

Given the enormity of Ace Saatchi & Saatchi’s task, to attain the vision of providing a #HigantengLinis environment to Filipinos, together with #Ariel; it recently mounted an event on Sunday, November 23 in line with the colorful and festive town fiesta called ‘Higantes Festival’ of Angono Rizal with a campaign that may well serve as another breakthrough in the detergent industry.

The event kicked-off in Makati as selected 20 bloggers from the Metro who chose to cover the event despite missing the big fight of Manny Pacquiao versus Chris Algieri. We converged at Saatchi House and headed to the historic home of the popular ‘Higantes’ which are made of papier-mâché or paper maches in Angono Rizal. Higantes Festival is one of Angono Rizal’s tourist attractions.

Kids are amazed with the ‘Higante’.

A boy supports the idea of ‘Isang Higanteng Linis’.

These ‘Higantes’ are normally four to five feet in diameter and 10 to 12 feet in height. Garbed in Ariel’s standard color of green and white imprinted on each giant’s clothing is Ariel’s official logo plus an improvised Ariel detergent pouch.

The marshals were getting ready for the crowd and invited guests to join the event called #HigantengLinis.

Given this scenario, there is no denying that the event can be qualified for a Guinness Book of Records.

As 12 noon, under the scorching heat of the sun, the 20 bloggers (including me) witnessed to thousands of townsfolk of Angono who were invited to join the giant event held outside the Angono Elementary School. Thousands of people including bystanders swarmed the venue. Various colors of umbrellas decked the place as it provided additional festive mood despite the hot weather that day.

People are starting to converge to the event as some bloggers busied themselves in taking photos.

These were the prizes during the parlor games.

The organizers distributed 1000 Ariel t-shirts and 1000 food stubs to all invited guests that comprised of Filipino families in the area. In order to complete the festive experience, parlor games were mounted and prizes worth 50,000-peso in goods rained and were given away to the winners. Two winners received two whopping Php4000.00 as cash prizes and two winners of two sacks of rice, too.

Food were served as it came out of the giant pot.

Food in trays were served as the local women carried them out for the participants to eat.

With the number of people who came, it truly painted a successful event.

All the invited guests were ushered in to partake the heaps and heaps of Filipino food prepared on a long table covered by a white linen with white monoblock chairs on its sides. The tables were designed to accommodate thousands of diners as they were all expected to gorge on the irresistibly sumptuous food.

A woman excitedly showed off her food stub.

Favorite Filipino dishes were all for the taking.

A little girl is all smiles here. Thanks to #Ariel for  providing the food.

Also, a stage was constructed for the said event. Aquarium-like containers were also installed to soak the dirtied linens with #Ariel detergent powder.

While waiting the main event like the boxing fight of Manny Pacquiao versus Chris Algieri, these women took time to pose for a souvenir shot beside the aquarium-like containers.

Women showing off Ariel detergent powders in sachets.

Such endeavor was initiated in order to achieve a seemingly #HigantengLinis for Guinness Book of Records; to have the longest and dirtiest table cloth that can be tidied with a single sachet of #Ariel. Such challenge was effortlessly proven by the superior stain removal agent that is contained in #Ariel’s sachets. No single stain that escaped the intensified formula of #Ariel.

After lunch, the table linens were removed to test the effectivity of Ariel.

With the pile of white linens ready to be washed.

Like the idea of Bayanihan, all the women helped each other in washing the linens.

Everyone was busy.

I was extremely glad to participate in this event…

Here, I was flashing the ‘One’ 

Setting the event and the challenge at the said festival, which usually occurred on the 23rd of November is but fitting to replicate what #Ariel can do to attaining a #HigantengLinis environment with its effective formula encapsulated in the granules to combat the dirtiest clothing no matter how huge and insurmountable it may seem.

DJ Cha Cha and Papi Charlz interviewed for Ariel’s effectivity. At the background, a long white linen were shown.

MOR 101.9 for Life Manila DJ’s – Cha Cha and Papi Charlz hosted the event and Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy rocked the thousands of people who came and joined the #Ariel #HigantengLinis event.

Teddy Corpuz performed during the event and he truly wowed the audience…

Rocksteddy in high spirits!

Ted sings before the audience.

Another shot of   #Ariel  #HigantengLinis with Teddy singing.

This is it!!!  #Ariel  #HigantengLinis

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