NUUK A Totally Reviting Psychological Thriller Movie From Viva Films


Sometimes when we feel alone, someone comes along and fills the void within us to make us whole again. It can be a friend, a lover, your family, or even a stranger. A psycho-thiller movie that takes place in one of the least inhabited areas in the world, “Nuuk” is an upcoming Filipino movie produced by VIVA Films that will play with your mind and make things around you seem too good to be true.

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It stars two of the most admired actors in the country, Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson.

From being an 80s matinee idol to being paired with various actresses and dubbed as “the leading man of his generation”, Aga Muhlach has been charming us with his killer smile and good looks since his “Bagets” days. But throughout his career, Aga has proven that he is more than just a pretty face, he is also a man with talent. Accepting an award from Gawad Urian and being a FAMAS nominated actor, we have seen him portray different roles to which some are even out of his “leading man” comfort zone. One of his most challenging roles was when he played as the handsome serial killer, Gene Rivera in the 1996 movie “Sa Aking Mga Kamay” 

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This October, we will once again witness how versatile Aga Muhlach can be as an actor, as he portrays the role of Mark Alvarez, a mysterious man who becomes a confidant to a fellow Filipino in a foreign arctic country, “Nuuk” is Aga’s return to the big screen after his successful 2017 family movie, “Seven Sundays.”    

Another star in the movie alongside Aga Muhlach is a renowned Filipina actress who amazes us with her ageless beauty, Alice Dixson. A beauty queen turned actress, this elegant woman is not only pretty to look at, she was also born to be an actress. She became a movie star in the late 80s and from there has earned herself some notable roles, critically acclaimed movies and a best actress award.

This year, she is set to portray another remarkable character as Elaisa Svendsen, a Filipina residing in Greenland who longs for her deceased husband.  

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Nuuk is the capital city of the autonomous country Greenland. This country has the record of having the highest rate of suicide in the world, with speculations that it’s because of the cold weather or its isolation from other countries, The real reason why suicide often occurs in the country is still unknown. 

Here is where Elaisa Svendsen lives, a Filipina who lives in Greenland, who is in despair after her husband dies. With nothing but alcohol and medicine to depend on, Elaisa becomes miserable, then one day, she crosses paths with Mark Alvarez, a fellow Filipino who is almost the same age as her.

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Mark becomes Elaisa’s friend, She confides and feels at ease around him, and eventually starts to fall for him. Things are finally starting to get better for Elaisa because of Mark, until a mystery comes along, it appears that nobody recognizes Mark but Elaisa. 

Set in the arctic landscapes of Greenland, the location of the movie perfectly parallels with its theme — dark, cold, mysterious. 

Nuuk is the first Filipino movie shot in Greenland, it was also produced in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, the one who governs over Greenland. This is also the reunion movie of Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson or the “AlGa” love team, after doing several movies together during the early 90s.  

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From the same director of the heart-breaking romantic-comedy set in Iceland, “Through Night and Day” (2018), starring Paolo Contis and Alessandra De Rossi, FAMAS and Gawad Urian nominee Veronica “Roni” Velasco presents a very interesting and intriguing story.

“Nuuk” opens in cinemas this November 6, 2019. 


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