No One Can STOP The TOP From Launching Their Latest Single


The boy band sensation called Top One Project (T.O.P.) is composed of Adrian Pascual, Joshua Jacobe, Louie Pedroso, Mico Cruz, and Miko Manguba, recently launched their latest single–’Nasa Dulo’ on Tuesday, April 24 at GMA Headquarters.

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The song is released by GMA Records and is considered to be an easy listening-type-of-music. As a group, they have put in their efforts in making this song. Initially, it was Joahua who was listening a song in one of his downtimes and he shared it to Louie and the latter was inspired to make something out of it; and wrote lyrics for a song. One day, while Miko was studying in a coffee shop–Louie shared it to the lyrics and everything happened too fast. Miko was able to create a song out of the lyrics given to him.

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During the launch of the single, the guys shared how they usually make their own music. They use their own experiences and of others and put it into words and eventually create their songs. Their current song perfectly blended with their voices and their strengths as singers–Miko Manguba does RnB, Soul and Pop; Adrian Pascual does Acoustic and Pop; Louie Pedroso is for Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Alternative RnB; Mico Cruz sings Modern Jazz, Pop; and Joshua Jacobe performs Pop Rock, Pop and K-POP.

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Today, the song is available for downloading and streaming on iTunes, Spotify and over 180 digital stores worldwide!


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