Janine Guitierrez in the frontline: WWF PH closes the year with a FundRaising Hour at Lucky ChinaTown


Lucky China Town, Manila. The last Yuletide festivity has been particularly noteworthy to one of the country’s prime mall as it stretched out support to a globally known Advocacy Group that’s pro-nature/pro-humane in nature called World Wide Fund (Philippine Chapter) in a well-attended fundraising activity few days before 2018.

“to build a future where Filipinos live in harmony with nature”

The mission of the same is to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment.  Vision on the other hand, is to sustain life for all where species, habitats and resources form part of a unique heritage that every Filipino would be proud of.

As the 26th national organization in the WWF network, WWF-Philippines is successfully implementing various conservation projects to help protect some of the most biologically-significant ecosystems in Asia.

Youthful Ambassador on the Floor

Lady in Red: Janine proudly wore her brand & winning smile with no hint of stress harbored from a time-taking showbiz sked as she gamely pose before cameras  for hours during the campaign proper.  No doubt she owned her role with flying colors.

The young woman a picture of a perfect model not just with her congenial countenance, but with rightful demeanor to her chosen cause.  Her image could launch a thousand co-advocates as mall patrons flock and queue to catch a glimpse of her infecting charm and radiant beauty, making them to not just get a photo-opp or selfie, but most importantly, to sign up and bring home some displayed items for sale in the booth.

She joined fellow GMA Network actor Andre Paras on  National Youth Ambassadors category and oath to amplify WWF’s thrust to engage and galvanize the youth to be the climate leaders of tomorrow.  They are tasked to work closely with WWF-Philippines’ National Youth Council aged 16-25.  A lover of the seas and the beach, she has a special advocacy for waste management and proper garbage disposal.

“I am thrilled and blessed to be part of the family. Being a part of the roster is a wish come true!”, she quotes.


                       Busy Body, Yet smiling & genuinely friendly throughout her stint

Boys of all ages couldn’t seem to resist her star

The fundraising event is one of the activities of WWF-Philippines’ celebrity ambassadors to spread awareness on pressing environmental issues and introduce the individual Donor Program (IDP) to the public. Through the IDP, everyone is encouraged to directly contribute in the conservation efforts of WWF-PH all over the country by signing up at the booths in selected malls and venues all over the country or online.

Lucky Panda Day

As per record, this is the second time Lucky Chinatown partner with WWF after the first successful Christmas Pandamonium campaign “Adopt-a-Panda” was successfully embraced by the beloved mall patrons. Lucky Chinatown served as the perfect venue for the fundraising event as it has partnered up with WWF-Philippines for its Panda-themed holidays.

EyeCandies: Black and White Panda have dotted the malls, adding fun & colors to the season’s revelry and delights young and old spectators. The event campaign allows shoppers to take home a panda stuffed toy, a WWF pin, and an official adoption certificate for P500.

Chi-Chi, a Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) which arrived at the London Zoo while WWF was being created – is what inspired the well-known organization’s logo.

In 1991, an official  WWF Philippine Programme was established in Manila to supervise WWF’s numerous field activities and to work more closely with local partners. This turned into an associate programme known locally as  Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (Fund for Nature of the Philippines).


Janine has joined the roster of longtime celebrity crusaders Buddies Marc Nelson & Rovilson Fernandez along with Luis Manzano, Isa Calzado, Piolo Pascual and Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski.  She has already supported several WWW-PH activities the past year, including Earth Hour.

Snapshot with the hardworking WWF PH Team behind @the VIP lounge

“I am so glad that I’m doing a lot more now to protect our environment. I encourage everyone, especially the youth to take an active role in protecting and preserving our planet because together we can make everything possible” – Janine

Honored to photoshoot with WWF’s smiling woman of the hour

Watch out for more Adopt-A-Panda Campaign in Malls near you: Those who choose to symbolically adopt pandas can easily sustain the environment as all proceeds will to WWF-Philippines conservation programs.

WWF PH OIC in spotlight with the media 


WWF-Philippines Headquarters: 4/F JBD Plaza 65 Mindanao Avenue, Barangay Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City 1105 Tel: +632 920 7923 / 7926 / 7931. Interested in a long-term partnership? send WWF an email:  teampanda@wwf.org.ph. 

For more info:  visit Website http://www.wwf.org.ph/


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