A Timely Film:  Greed, Chaos & Venom of Karma Stings in “Kamandag ng Droga”


Dangers &  Dilemma

The issue to a layman’s surprise is  found to be graved.    Creepy and transpiring for real.   It’s happening around the island in a daily  basis.   And just like a thief in the night, no one knows who is the next target of the deadly sins and perpetrators behind.  Maybe young, maybe old. Rich or Poor.  It  saints no one.  The   news is   endless, casual  and truly been a part of every Filipino household.  Here bites a Filipino movie yet amusing rated PG 13 by MTRCB.

Disturbing and Death-defying 

Spells T R O U B L E 

While we all got used to the  raids, killings, humiliation, scandals on   newsflash, we  wish  the disturbing quandary of the  country nowadays  is  not there.  Or to the least, would soon mellow, better STOP.  The narratives on illegal Drugs has never been highly popular,  alarming and yes,  getting more and more gory these days  in  the advent of new chief in the government  who avow with his life to be  heartless  over those  found at  fault  and meddling against  his  zero-drug tolerance crusade.

Grabbing the Bulls by their Horns

ALSO IN THE FLICK: President Rodrigo R. Duterte shows  here a copy of a diagram showing the connection of high level drug syndicates operating in the country during a press conference at Malacañang on July 7, 2016. KING RODRIGUEZ/Presidential Photographers Division

Back in the Battlefield

As per his “War Against Drugs” President Rodrigo has been criticized locally and internationally by Human Rights Commission for thousands deaths resulting from police terrifying operations.  With Commission Human Rights (CHR) and political leader’s  intervention,  the  breathtaking man-hunt of erring criminals  and their  allies was returned back of  late to the national department in charge – the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). But it was not too long, that Philippine National Police (PNP) with  the equally fearless “rock” man of Davao city, General Bato Dela Rosa resume his roster of men-in-blue under the  command of  the country’s quixotic chief –  ready to fight for the cause whatever it may takes, and whatsoever their pro-life critics would rants. The  president’s  grim determination to finish what he commenced has been remarkable,  giving his enemies a lump in throat anew.  They stood when standing is not easy. The president have incurred his wrath. Who said Chivalry is  Dead?

Manila’s movie premiere Held

followers flocked the venue in support of the project

And just in time, few days back, after its successful showing in Cebu City, a red carpet debut’ of  the  english-subbed Tagalog “Kamandag ng Droga” (Venom of Drugs) was offered to local press in Cinema 6 of SM Megamall, City of Mandaluyong.      It was star-studded and  as expected, applauded.  Media of digital and print platforms sits next,  photoshoot   and  Q & A  with a number of  movie luminaries and film’s throng of interesting characters.

It’s not always everyday that a film would showcase more than 30 veterans and  promising  stars of this generation who have lent their  time and talent to complete this highly-edifying venture  of Viva & Golden Lions Films for intended audience.   The same was helmed  by  Pinoy  Komiks Genius turned Horror Film Director Carlo J. Caparas  – in memory and upon request of of his better half,  the late Ms. Donna Villa who wishes for the theme’s movie be made under their production.  The national artist’ cinematic expertise has never wane, and remained as competitive as his drawing and story-telling skills.


Scene-Stealing Characters

70’s wonder boy Nino muhlach, have effectively played a Chinoy druglord and was among those who has given a lift in the movie’s gloomy theme of the and has proven that his acting went better as he aged.

Ronnie Lazaro, Bembol Rocco as expected ace their respective roles. On a younger blood, Sarah Lahbati and  Meg Imperial  were likewise commendable as they shed  their timid and sexy sides in favor of a sensitive role as “user” and “couriers” respectively.  New actor, CJ Caparas  is a revelation. He proves that talent ran in his vein as he seriously acted & co-direct his father’s piece and was also a revelation. This country needs  an upright, and brave young man and he did his part with flying colors.

Another rookie,  the foreign looking Mark Newman also shows potential with his  credible act as a family-distressed teenager. the spine-chilling nature of a mother’s cry as topbilled by Ms. Lorna Tolentino would have frozen the heart of spectators.  Christopher De Leon who is among the star present in the venue,   suffice to say has champion his role as one of those who got high and went wrong by the “fix”.

TJ Trinidad’s acting is as piercing as his eyes

Interestingly, advocates in politics  and public service like Senator Koko Pimental, Vacc Chair Dante Jimenez and SP KOKO PIMENTELAtty Persida Acosta of Public Attorney Office, Board Member Mocha Uson are in cameo roles.

 “Live like Kings, Die like Rats”

The  money-making Drug Lords, Protectors-in powers  and  accomplices, no matter how organized,  driven, financed, equipped, evil  and increasing  may be at first, but are destined to end weak.  Indeed, no one is said to be above the power of divine justice and law. One of the film’s mantras in tantamount to reality.

“Kamandag ng Droga” is heartfully portrait. While it is a gripping  narrative of personal, family and cultural struggles.  Fast-paced and has some humor elements that makes it even entertaining despite of the message of its consuming pain.  It has  a  soul-crashing experience for relationship ruined, and life wasted especially of the young  when one starts to doubt his or her own security and sanity.  The flick reveal of how ugly the world of banned drug use and trading is!, but the message then again is beautiful.

Now showing in theaters nationwide.




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