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The Kris List Ep. 1 Calligraphy

The Kris List Ep. 1 CalligraphyKris tries her hand at calligraphy and discovers more about herself. #TheKrisListThe Kris List is a series of web videos on her own personal list of new experiences, looking at them with with fresh eyes.

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Calligraphy artist Kaoru Akagawa said, “Calligraphy is an art form that uses ink and a brush to express the very souls of words on paper.”

In today’s episode of #TheKrisList, Kris Aquino tries calligraphy.

The crafter and pattern-designer or simple a water color and calligraphy teacher Alessa Lanot of or better known as ‘Alessa’ will guide Aquino to a new adventure—to learn calligraphy.

While learning from Lanot, Aquino compared the process as something that needs a lot of patience in doing things especially this art form. It allowed her to realize that life is not about rushing. People need to learn how to pause, to connect and to give separate entities of one’s life by making it flow together and appreciating it as a whole.

Life is about taking time, enjoying each moment whether it is convenient or inconvenient—it is just how life operates.

The Kris List Ep. 2 Camping

The Kris List Ep. 2 CampingKris and Bimby had the best bonding day. They enjoyed each other’s company while camping in this episode of The Kris List. #TheKrisListThe Kris List is powered by Petron Corporation, Best Day at Petron. #PetronBestDay. And in partnership with Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Kids Can Tell; and Monterey Meatshop Meats You Can Trust.Petron – Tender Juicy Hotdogs – Meatshop –

Nai-post ni Kris Aquino noong Sabado, Mayo 13, 2017

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For Kris Aquino, camping is challenging, but as a parent she will do anything what would make her sons happy.

In this episode of #TheKrisList, she and her son—Bimby Yap travels to Caliraya and took the opportunity to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. Besides, being with her son means quality time, too. It is a way for her to get to know more about her son and even allow herself to discover new things.

In the silence of nature, Kris and her son commune with each other their affection as a mother and son. During the night, even away from the kitchen, being with Bimby beside a lake that gleamed like a charcoal-colored glass under the tiny sprinkled lights from above—is also a moment for her to express her love to her son. It is a joy for Kris to cook for her son.

That time spent with Bimby is priceless since it is soul-enriching and character-building as well.

Here's the super duper duper duper sarap LAING recipe of Avel!Avel Bacudio's Special Laing RecipeServes…

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Learn with Kris Aquino as she tackles a new way of seeing things like cooking.

In this episode of #TheKrisList, she will discover how a simple dish like ‘Laing’, though how it is simply perceived to be turns out to be a bit complicated to prepare. She will be joined by a good friend of hers, a world-renowned fashion designer–Avel Bacudio, and a native from Bicol.

Together, they will come up with an authentic ‘Laing’ dish.

Also in the process, Kris realized that cooking requires patience. The step-by-step process of doing things is indeed vital in achieving something like the dish that she loves.

But, for Bacudio, he mentioned that cooking is all about passion. One has to put heart in it just like the ingredients that go with the dish they are cooking. Life is complicated, but that is life–it makes one whole with all the experiences that comes along with it.

By the way, according to an American novelist Diane Mott Davidson, “Cooking is relaxing.”

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