Reel and Real-life Ambassadors: Miguel & Alexa shares the joy & challenge of their newfound titles at Black Army Collections shoot


In a market competition that is fierce, and share-of-voice is not an easy goal for companies, #BumApparel has found a gold on their latest brand endorsers.

To Loom larger than Life :They maybe raw, still bound for life’s know-hows but lo & behold, these teens are maturing fast & cleverly at that. Their professional commitment authenticate the fact that they knew what it takes to become a rightful flag bearer.  Plus, they kept on innovating themselves  to continue make a  difference; they do not rest on their laurels, they live beyond their chances & potentials.


(BUM’S very own Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, Bianca Manalo, Miguel TanFelix posed before the lens with hip, rawness but greater sophistication in tantamount to aparell’s attack on classic black that’s tailormade for the streets and the dope ones!)

Full of life
For the 2nd time in exclusive, I’m honored chit-chat with the two of them in between getup change for their #bumblackarmy holiday collection shoot held in a QC studio.  The latest was on a #black2school campaign sometime this year.  Miguel TanFelix and  Alexa Ilacad  woke up early for the shoot, but remain engaging as they seem to master the art of jiving. I’m astonished on how they respond to basic questions with focus, on how they stay modest despite of their rising stars. They would look straight in the eyes and stamped such wholesome gestures with signature smile that makes high school boys and girls their age swoon. Their idealism is infecting –  Dang, I wanna be young again!

Raging with Dreams

From Goin Bulilit, to Bagito, to Doble Kara to BUM, NashLex have grown splendidly before the people’s eyes; armed with their well-honed, impressive fashion sense as influenced by their BUM mentors.

After her May 28 official press launch as the newest Bum endorser pairing her anew with Nash Aguas, the 16 year old homegrown kid of Star Magic is a picture of bliss. She’s making a name of her own, and there isn’t a trace of someone so young multi-tasking effectively and without complain in between showbiz, school, church, community & family. She spilled me her secret: Faith kept her spirit stronger.  Passion fuel her dreams.

Loving and Beloved

“My mom HAS BEEN my best support & influence to what I am now”. She has thought me to manage my tasks well; to share back my GIFTS & blessings to whom I own it” aLEXA ILACAD

Reflecting her School’s image :  Such is the mindset she held dear from her mother who knows best.  From her doting mom too,  I’ve discovered the compassion she have had for strayed animals –  that she would even bring some at home, while her church youth Ministry hones her vocals.   Of late, she performed in the mainstream,  fearlessly belted back with singing champions in I love my OPM.  And her other talent showcased was a revelation.  The girls’s growing scores of fans  loved her and so is her school.  For another calendar year,  she was handpicked as school ambassador of Treston International High for it’s senior level where she earned special privileges and  academic scholarship. But the title came with relevant responsibilities – is equally time & energy-taking, but inspiring her fellow student is something she enjoyed, thus she acted the role effectively.


Bumming with Pride

From girly to hiphop rugged to classic Black, the bemedalled girl is going to relive the growing trend in teen fashion.  Indeed,  she  exudes in the way she carries Bum’s latest black for teens collections.

The Quartet have successfully developed a new generation of teen idols.

Flying High with Colors


More than just a cute Face

The same goes for the boy-next-door Miguel TanFelix who just celebrated his 18th birthday.  The ex-starstruck kid is no longer just a goodlooking lil’ boy,  but he’s now grown up young man, armored  filled with life’s wisdom and  gifted heart that is teachable.  When he speaks, people listen.  I am a fan of his modesty, his cool demeanor and the ability to remember subjects and names.  I wonder if  he has a mean bone in his body, but certainly he is a human being bound for more life’s instructions & learnings; he’s a common teenager who wishes to find ample time in playing his long-missed basketball and online games. He confessed to get really tired at some days, beg to sleep more in other days. But at the end of a long day, the big boy can’t help but be grateful for all the winning projects laid in a wide table before him, his fashion contract for Bum, in particular.

“No room for complains, this I where wanted myself to be, and to reach my life goals , I just have to kept on Moving forward” – Miguel tanfelix


Miguel tanfelix receiving his Anvil Trophy in recognition of his prestigious role  as speaker-ambassador for UNFPA’  (United Nations Population Fund) The main aim of which is to support the young peoples’ dilemma & issues on teenage pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted infection.

Bumming for another Awesome Year:  2016 has been a good year  not just for Ambassadors Miguel & Alexa, but for for Nash & Bianca.  They are all, but a serious talent to watch come this 2017; well-geared to dominate the street fashion scene thru BUM’s new sets of collections and live well to inspire their believers & followers.


Bum teams up with the biggest online store #LazadaPH for its biggest online sale revolution this Holiday.

(Catch them live on their Bum mall shows @

(Note:  I’ve  speaking with Bianca & Nash, thus the article focused meantime, on their respective team partners Alexa & Miguel)


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