One Meralco Foundation Bring The Light Of Hope To Underserved Communities


True to its mission, One Meralco Foundation spreads the light of hope all over the country: from the farthest island in Northern Luzon, down to the remote villages in the Visayas, and to the far-flung areas in Mindanao.

Living with no electricity might not be as easy as you may think and taking away electricity or having no electricity at all means rethinking your entire day and planning how you can function without the means of simply plugging something in. No electricity results in a complete loss of normality.

Electrically managed technologies supply us with many things, such as heat, food, water, transport, energy, entertainment, and communication. Despite surviving thousands of years without it before, we have come to depend on it to complete our everyday tasks and have built our lives around it. We are so reliant on electrical power that it would be a shock to many if you no longer had the regular supply.

“For us in One Meralco Foundation, electrification is just a means for a product that we really served, that product is HOPE, pag-asa talaga ang dinadala, hindi lang naman talaga yung kuryente lang”, said Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao, President of One Meralco Foundation. “Because we power up computers, printers, and scanners. It’s only through this technology, magbabago yung education, learning experience ng mga bata.” he added.

Also, Mr. Joe Zaldarriaga, Spokesperson and VP head of Corporate Communications of Meralco shed light that today’s power rates are significantly much lower compared to the previous months which I can personally vouch for its truthfulness. My regular bill is from 18K down to 3k. I’ve been enjoying two consecutive months. He also added that Meralco is looking for ways to lower the cost of electricity in the days ahead.

MERALCO ADVISORY: Brownout? Help us restore your electricity!

Meralco had gone digital too in terms of providing information and they are abreast of the use of social media, and their own apps which ordinary people can reach should they have concerns or issues on their bills, updates, and more. More than ever, Meralco is responsive to its subscribers in times of calamity or disaster.


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