Bella Vita: An Affordable, Comfortable Home for the Common Filipino


According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are two that resonate with how a common Filipino needs and these are the right to own property and right to adequate living standard. This is perhaps the guiding factor that made Bella Vita Land Corporation pursue its vision and tapping the market that could provide socialized housing and economic housing to meet the government’s mandate of responding to the 12.3M housing program.

On Friday, June 15, selected lifestyle bloggers were invited to a tour to Bella Vita Homes in General Trias, Cavite.

Stepping on the home development site that Ayala Land has created for the common Filipino especially the minimum wage earners, the class C market, starting families, locally employed individuals, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and those looking for investment.

Despite the government’s failure to provide housing for workers who have steady employment or many of the Filipino common workers and the private sector like Ayala Land did their best to address the traditional list of immediate ‘basic needs’ and one of which is shelter along with is food (including water) and clothing.

In an article on dated January 14 of last year; it mentioned that: “In the Philippines alone, the backlog on socialized housing was estimated to have reached 5.7 million units in 2016. At this level, the government would need to build 2,600 housing units every day over a six-year period to resolve the said backlog.”

With Bella Vita, such requirement might be lessen since it offers quality homes in the country’s social enterprise communities, allowing residents to enjoy an affordable and comfortable living experience from the house designs to the village features; one will get a sense of how living and livelihood may be seamlessly integrated.

The homes developed by this Ayala Land-owned company can be categorized as economic housing as defined by Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) since its selling prices start from Php450,000 to Php1.7M.

With Bella Vita, homeowners can take pride in its key unique selling points (USPs)—‘Sakto sa Location’, ‘Sakto sa Bulsa’, ‘Sakto sa Taste Mo’, ‘Sakto sa Family Safety’ and ‘Sakto sa Gusto Mo’.

It also capitalizes on the safety of its homeowners. It provides 24-hour security, one-year workmanship warranty, quality inspection prior to turn over of units, and its construction is managed by MDC BuildPlus Incorporated.

Today, Bella Vita has homes in Tayabas, Quezon; Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija; Capas, Tarlac; Pililla, Rizal; Porac, Pampanga, General Trias, Cavite; Lipa, Batangas; Lian, Batangas; Rosario, Batangas; Alaminos, Laguna; San Pablo, Laguna; Pila, Laguna; Naga, Bicol; Iloilo; and Cagayan de Oro.

To know more about Bella Vita, check out its facebook page.


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