Synergy88 Digital Inc. Launches Talent Acquisition & Management Division (TAMD)


Synergy88 Studios is best know as full service studio that provides high end animation, rendering services, and digital content. Synergy88 Studios is capable of producing high-quality animations that can rival that of international companies. Synergy88 Studios is at the heart of this development with a competent roster of seasoned artists and passionate professionals.

This time around, they want to venture into talent management thus Talent Acquisition & Management Division (TAMD) was created in 2017 to bring out Filipino brand of storytelling to various digital channels and entertainment platforms. With a hand on the pulse of the digital Pinoy, TAMD delivers stories in fun, fresh, relevant and innovative ways that only true Filipino storytellers can deliver.

Ms. Abygail A. Niesta, Head of Talent Acquisition & Management Division (TAMD)

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Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor Ceremonial contract signing with TAMD DIGISQUAD: Cha, Luningning, Saicy, mariposa, Milagring, Bea, Ms. Jackeline Chua-Managing Partner Director/Co-founder of Synergy and Ms. Abygail A. Niesta, Head of Talent Acquisition & Management Division (TAMD)

“We are originally started as an animation studio, subcontracting for other Asian and European studioes,” says ms. Jackeline Chua, managing Director and Co-founder of Synergy99. “We then moved to creating art for video games, and eventually started creating mobile games of our own.

In a span of three years, Synergy88 became the biggest Filipino game studio in the country. And they’re also the most advanced, being the first to dablle in VR, AR, and motion capture. At this point, Ms. Chua felt the need to answer a bigger calling.

“Looking back, we found ourselves drawing inspiration a lot from Filipino culture, says Ms. Chua. “That’s when we realized our mission-to use our talent to directly tell the story of the Filipino people.”

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From video games, Synergy88 is now taking its storytelling to a new fontier-video streaming. To do this, the group established Talent Acquisition & Management Division (TAMD), whose goalis to tell the Filipino story primarily via digital platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

Initially, Jacq Monteverde and Opi Eusebio are signing up with the agency. The two have varies storytelling backgrounds; Jacq leans towards the conventional, often modelingfor TV, print, and billboards for lifestyle brands, as well as appearing in a handfulof ABS-CBN dramas. While Eusibio takes a slightly different approach, taking interest in more socially charged projects such as the LGBT piece Ur_Tadhana. Together, they’re set to bring their fresh, funky on gaming and digital entertainment in their upcoming projects.

Jacq Monteverde and Opi Eusebio, the newest talents of Talent Acquisition & Management Division (TAMD)

Alongside Jacq and Opi, girl group DigiSquad is also joining TAMD’S initial rosterof talent. The group has alreadybeen making waves in lcal gaming events and conventions, most recently in ESGS 2017.

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“In the digital world, Filipino storytellers have always been working in the background,” says Ms. Chua, who’s determined to turn streaming into source of pride for Filipinos around the world. “It’s about time that we tell our stories with a familiar face in front of the camera.”

For more information on groundbreaking Filipino digital storytelling, visit or follow @synergy88 and @synergy88TAMD on Facebook. Likewise, you can check out @synergy99digital and @synergytamd on Instagram.



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