Ms. Charo Santos-Concio Values Living & Leaving A Legacy Via Sun Smarter Life Campaign


Sun Life Financial Philippines, the country’s biggest life insurance company recently launched a campaign with new products under the SUN Smarter Life brand, which is aimed at retirees planning to leave sizeable assets to their heirs may consider getting new life insurance policy to take care of estate taxes.

Mylene Daez-Lopa, chief marketing officer of Sun Life, talks about the new products under Sun Smarter Life brand. “The retirees are now concerned about passing on the legacy they have built to the next generation,” said Mylene Daez-Lopa, chief marketing officer of Sun Life.

Along the way, Ms. Charo Santos-Concio has shaped a legacy built upon the values she holds dear. “I place a high value on professionalism and exellence. But at the same time, I also believe in the importance of havinga nurturing heart. More than all the accolades and tangible sucesseses I’ve had in the industry, it is the legacy of these values that I wish to impart to other people, ” Charo said.

Jenny del Mundo, Sun Life’s Head of Distribution support, elaborated that Sun Life’s insurance products allows for policyholders to already provide money to their heirs at the time of their death. “It removes the burden of estate tax,” said del Mundo.

Just as it is in her career, Charo also cherishes the real value in her life: her family of course and this is why she strives to protect the properties, investments, and heirlooms that she has acquired over the years, so that she may pass it on with ease to her loved ones. By planning ahead, she ensures that the legacy she ensures that legacy she has built over the years will be enjoyed fully by her family.

“These are not simply assets but my pamana for my apos. This is why estate planning is very important to me,” she added. “Thankfully, I have SUN Smarter Life to help me ensure that no matter what happens, my loved ones will be takn care of and will not be burdened with estate taxes.

Apart from the potentially huge amounts involved, the tax also has to be paid within six months from death to avoid fines and penalties that stack up per year. Over the past 10 years, the ratio of estate tax returns filed relative to the number of deaths each year has only hovered between six and eight percent, according to the National Tax Research Center.

Sun Smarter Life is a protection product that provides double life insurance coverage until age 100, while the insured lives, thereby enusring a finacially secure future for the familyno matter what happens. Should the insured pass away, the insurence proceeds from SUN Smarter Life can be used by the beneficiaries to settle estate taxes.

On top of this, the product provides living benefits in the unfortunate event of terminal illness or emergencies. Supplementary benefits and illness may be added to the plan for a minimal amount.

SUN Smarter Life makes wealth preservation easy, thereby ensuring a financially secure future for the family no matter what happens. To know more about it, just contact any Sun Life agent and they be glad to discuss things with you.

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